On The Painting Table (Khador & Skorne)

Following on from yesterday’s post, I have constructed a “to do” list for my immediate painting, starting tonight! My goal is to have my Khador back up to “fully painted” status preferably by the start, but failing that the end, of the MoW CID and then plough into Skorne immediately after. I’d be lying if I wasn’t expecting some slippage on all of this, so I am giving myself the slightly more relaxed over all goal of June, for all of the below.

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To a New Year!

So. A New Year, and a renewed effort to keep my blog going with regular content updates.

Since my last proper update, I have been majorly slacking with the painting – I only got a very small handful of models painted at the beginning of 2017 (though one of them was the Skorne Hydra, so not a little model in itself), and I hope to rectify that this year.

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Mk3 and Me; A hobby gaming goal

So it has been a couple of weeks since Privateer Press let the cat out of the bag with regards to their new rule set. Various spoilers aside, I am excited and intrigued by this news – not so much because of the streamlined rules, or the potential of change for the sake of change that has a lot of people up in arms or cackling with glee. I am most excited about the full rebalance of units across the board.

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Looking at Lists

This is a new series of articles that I will be using to give my thoughts on the lists I write, as well as the evolution of a list as changes get made. Where possible, I will be referencing my Battle-Logs back to these Looking at Lists articles to expand the view of my hobby as a whole. I have a bunch of list ideas that I want to cover with this, so stay posted.

Operation: Ice Storm Gencon Bundle

01This is a review of the items that were available in the Gencon Bundle. I say “were” because this bundle is no longer available, and was only available at Gencon or direct from the Corvus Belli website. Operation: Ice Storm will be available separately from your usual retailers at the end of the month, Bootleg Penthesilea will be getting a general release at sometime in the future (currently unknown), and the special Bolt character – Tabitha Lyons – was a limited run that was only available at Gencon (or on the CB webstore), and seems like it will be making a couple of small reappearances at smaller events.

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