Let’s wake from the coma…

Having had some encouraging feedback, I will resume posting here and try to keep it somewhat regular…

Some small changes around; I have added a new section heading at the top called “Legacy”, which is where you will find my older Judgement articles and resources. The direction the game took heading into 2nd Edition was one that did not interest me. As such, all these articles are now out of date, but I won’t delete them as they can remain for posterity (or anyone else interested in 1st Edition).

I have also added a new Dungeons & Dragons section heading ๐Ÿ™‚ I have finally managed to find a D&D group, who are not just local, but awesome too! Nothing under that section yet, but I doubt it will be long before I find something to upload there….

Also, I have discovered a new game – Marvel Crisis Protocol, which will be replacing Judgement in my wargaming line up. Whilst I don’t feel I have enough experience (yet) to speak with huge amounts of authority, I doubt it will take very long ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until the next time I run out of steam and hit another hiatus!

Hero Focus: Kruul

Kruul believes orcs should be the dominant race on Athien and is hellbent on seeing it so in his life time. He is outspoken in his support of the new gods and believes they are the key to delivering orcs to their rightful place. His views have placed him in direct opposition with Haksa, and the two are on a collision course that could plunge orcs into a bloody civil war.

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Hero Focus: Thrommel

Thrommel is a keg. An armour-plated immovable object with a warhammer that stands higher than his own head. Black hair and beard shrouded in heavy helmet, thick muscles and no neck. A will of iron and a heart of gold. He is a clear example of the old dwarven ideals and his dedication to the royal line makes him one of the strongest royalist icons, which makes him loved and despised among mainland dwarves as the divide in their society deepens.

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Hero Focus: Istariel

Istariel has no time for the demands of others or even for the pleasantries that make society tick, even among the elves she is seen as arrogant and unbending. Typically, this attitude would have resulted in numerous physical conflicts until she bentโ€ฆor broke, however she couples her contempt with one of the greatest natural talents at controlling flame that has ever been seen on Athien.

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Hero Focus: Rakkir

Rakkir is a deadly killer, specialising in the various toxins and poisons of Athien. Exceptionally agile and stealthy for an Orc, Rakkir quickly rose through the ranks of his local thieves guild, before striking out on his own as a hired assassin. His reputation stretches the length and breadth of the land and anyone rumoured as being a target of the Blood Shadow is considered a dead man walking.

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2019 Gaming and Hobby Retrospective

2019 was a reasonably good year for gaming, averaging out at around 1.5 games a week – impressive as I wasn’t always able to get a game in every week, due to holidays / sickness etc.

My overall win rate (discounting demo games as I always play to loseโ€ฆ) was 45%, with the average being dragged down predominantly by Warmachine/Hordes (38%). Judgement was better (46%), and Infinity was best (56%). Technically Aristeia should be top (67%) but considering I only played 3 games of that in total, I think we can safely say that the stat is skewed a bit!

Carrying on with game numbers, I seem to have played more games of Warmachine/Hordes (40) than I have of Judgement (19) and Infinity (18) combined! More details after the break.

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