Analysis of Defeat: Bad Deployment

Last night was a bit of a farce for several reasons, but it can serve as a good reminder why a good deployment is so important in Infinity. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos to illustrate the situation, but this post will deal more with concepts than specific scenarios.

What happened exactly last night you may ask? Me and Rich set up for a game at the club (his Yu Jing vs my Morat Aggression Force), but neither of us had thought to confirm the point-size with the other. This left us with a game where we both had 10 models, but I was fielding 300 points, and Rich was fielding 200 points. Oops! Sounds like a bit of a landslide game? Oh it was… but not the way you would imagine. For reference, we were playing Infinity 2.5 using all of the 3rd edition rules that were made public as of 7/10/14.

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