2019 Gaming and Hobby Retrospective

2019 was a reasonably good year for gaming, averaging out at around 1.5 games a week – impressive as I wasn’t always able to get a game in every week, due to holidays / sickness etc.

My overall win rate (discounting demo games as I always play to lose…) was 45%, with the average being dragged down predominantly by Warmachine/Hordes (38%). Judgement was better (46%), and Infinity was best (56%). Technically Aristeia should be top (67%) but considering I only played 3 games of that in total, I think we can safely say that the stat is skewed a bit!

Carrying on with game numbers, I seem to have played more games of Warmachine/Hordes (40) than I have of Judgement (19) and Infinity (18) combined! More details after the break.

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Mk3 and Me; A hobby gaming goal

So it has been a couple of weeks since Privateer Press let the cat out of the bag with regards to their new rule set. Various spoilers aside, I am excited and intrigued by this news – not so much because of the streamlined rules, or the potential of change for the sake of change that has a lot of people up in arms or cackling with glee. I am most excited about the full rebalance of units across the board.

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