Club Night – Quickie!

Date: 19/7/16

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich (Cygnar)
Mission: Extraction
Size: 75pts
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Paul T (Convergence)
Mission: Extraction
Size: 50pts
Outcome: Victory

Just a quickie this week as things have been busy and I haven’t had / wont have a chance to do a full write up.

Game 1 List:
Vlad 1
War Dog
Winter Guard Gun Carriage
Kayazy Eliminators
Man-o-War Drakhun
Koldun Lord
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Koldun Kapitan Valachev
Greylord Outriders (Min)
Battle Mechaniks (Min)



2016-07-19 Game 1 Start

Game End:

2016-07-19 Game 1 End

I was loosing quite heavily on attrition, and could not prevent a Scenario win for Rich. Lots of sub-optimal play on my part due to timed turns and a good deal of AoE’s scattering to be resolved. Also, I hate electro-leaps.


Game 2 List:

Sorscha 1
War Dog
Winter Guard Gun Carriage
Kovnik Malakov
Iron Fang Pikemen (Min)
IF Officer & Standard



2016-07-19 Game 2 Start

Game End:

2016-07-19 Game 2 End

We were running out of time in the evening, but Khador was dominating the table, with Syntherion in constant retreat. We called it due to the time consideration, but if I couldn’t kill him directly, a scenario win was all but assured. Red Lined Juggernaut pulled well above his weight by taking out two Heavy Vector’s single handed. Still very much loving the Gun Carriage too – such a fantastically useful model for messing up your opponent’s lines (Momentum Impact Attacks!), doing lots of AoE damage, then Repositioning away to safety as the slammed/knocked down models have to sacrifice to stand, and then find they are in the middle of rough terrain and can’t easily get close enough to retaliate! This battle engine is pure gold!

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