Club Night – Long Live Mk 3!

Date: 14/6/16

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich (Cygnar)
Size: 35pts
Mission: Assassination
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich (Cygnar)
Size: 50pts
Mission: Take and Hold
Outcome: Draw
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Paul T (Convergence)
Size: 50pts
Mission: Take and Hold
Outcome: Victory

All hail the start of Warmachine Mk3! I managed to get 3 games in this week, all trying out the new rules, and walking away with a loss, a DNF (did not finish), and a win.

Game 1:

This game was a small one to start off – 35 points (equivalent to Mk2 25pts).

My List:
Black Ivan
Man O War Drakhun
Battle Mechaniks (Min)

Rich’s List:
2x Hunters
2x Minutemen
Ol’ Rowdy
Arlan Strangeways
Lanyssa Ryssyl

This game didn’t go too well – I conceded the side with the hill to Cygnar without contemplating the ramifications. This was used to full effect with Rich parking most of his battlegroup on the hill for the Def boost, scooting off to make shots and then repositioning back after. This was compounded by tactical errors on my part (namely feeding my battlegroup to him one at a time in an easily digestible manner). The most egregious fault was forgetting about the new Power Field Reinforcement rule while Harkevich was getting slapped around by Ol’ Rowdy at the end.

While remembering this rule would have saved me on the turn that he ended up dieing, it would not have changed the overall outcome due to my poor decisions.
Game 2:

Kicking it up a notch, we went for 50 points (equivalent to Mk2 35pts), to fill in the time until other games finished to let opponents swap around. We also played the scenario with the two flags that I cannot recall the name to…

My list:
Butcher 1
War Dog
Iron Fang Pikemen (Min)
Iron Fang Officer and Standard
Doom Reaver Swordsmen
Man O War Drakhun

Rich’s List:
Can’t exactly recall, but it was Kraye again and built off the list in the previous game. Someone who can recognise the names of the Cygnar models will be able to figure it out from the above pic, I am sure.

As we were on the same table, when I won the roll-off, it was a no-brainer – I am having the side without the hill!

This was the game that got cut short after turn 3. I have begun to score before Rich and was in a good board position after learning from game 1, and was forcing my army forwards to make Rich deal with everything at once. Had we continued, I could have put more scenario pressure into play and possibly pulled ahead this way. As it was though, we knew the game was going to stop and so had Grolar try to shoot Kraye down a bit under Butcher’s feat, but Rich used Evasion to maneuver Kraye out of harms’ way after the first shot.
Game 3:

Opponents shifted around, I was now playing against Paul T and his Convergence of Cyriss. We stuck to the same table and mission as was in Game 2.

I used the same Butcher list as in Game 2, and he was using Syntherion along with some ‘Jacks who all look the same to all non-Convergence players :P.

Paul won the Roll-Off and chose second turn, so I chose to stay where I was.

Banking on the same strategy as last time, I pushed my army forwards as fast as it would go. Somewhat intimidated by this, Paul didn’t advance as much as he could have done (he was concerned about being charged I think), and left him in a position to get even more table presence in Turn 2.

In trying to get a firing line on my Doom Reavers, Paul triggered the Counter Charge on my Drakhun who knocked half the boxes off one of his Lights’ in a single swing. Having not advanced enough in his first turn, he was put in the position of having to choose between running (no spells), killboxing himself (losing on scenario) and charging something to try and leave himself in an advantageous position.

Paul chose to charge into the back arc of the Drakhun and do his best to kill it (which he eventually managed to). Disaster was abound though, and he had left Syntherion in the open for a charge across rough terrain from my Grolar who knocked him down with the hammer, mashed him with the open fist, and finally checked for a pulse with his Auto Cannon.

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