Club Night – Infinity-Machine!

Date: 1/3/16

Game: Infinity
Opponent: Ian

Size: 300Pts
Mission: Safe Area

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Paul

Size: 35Pts
Mission: Outflank


2016-03-01 Infinity

This game was a lesson in returning to Infinity after a short break, and getting TAG-shocked by an opponent who was “playing-hard” for tournament practice! You can see the list I brought here, and will opt to keep Ian’s list secret as he is taking it to a competitive event in the near future and don’t want to spoil any of the hidden-knowledge surprises.

That said, his Szalamandra advanced down my left table edge mowing down Tohaa left, right and centre. My best answer to the TAG was Aelis’s K1 Combi, yet unsuprisingly, Ian had held the TAG back from his main deployment and put it down once he knew where the threats were (I won the roll off and chose deployment, Ian chose to keep first turn).

Amongst the first to die was my Kamael Lt who was not quite as well hidden as I had hoped. The Rasail lasted quite a bit longer by virtue of making his armour saves (but not dodging worth a damn). Through some careless placement, Aelis was eventually wiped out by a Missile Launching Grenzer, as was the Neurokinetic Chaksa.

The Gao-Rael put up a long and valiant fight against the TAG, but eventually succumbed when Ian decided to forgo cover to get into good range brackets for his HMC.

Highlight of the game was the Preceptor advancing under smoke with Symbio-Bomb in hand, and popping the head of a Camo skirmisher that was in Supressive fire, pinning down my Clipsos.

While very a very decisive loss, I feel like this list still has a lot of potential in it, and it will definitely be seeing the table again, though to keep people guessing, I might be moving the Lt around a bit.



2016-03-01 Warmachine

I forgot to take a picture at the beginning of this game, so there’s one from towards the end. This was my first time playing against Convergence, and my second time playing with Issyria – so learning experiences abound! I cannot recall the specifics of what Paul brought to the table, in short there was Syntherion, 2 heavy Vectors, 3 light Vectors, min unit of Clockwork angels, and lots of floaty things on flying bases. The list I took was Issyria, Phoenix, min unit of Dawnguard Sentinels + UA who were marshalling a Banshee, min unit of Mage Hunter Strike Force + Commander UA, House Vyre Electromancers and a Mage Hunter Assassin.

Losing the roll-off, I ended up going second. This allowed me to advance and gain a rather significant amount of table presence given the Advance Deployment on my MHSF and MHA. In my second turn I attempted to go for an assassination by Issyria feating, then using the Sentinel Officer’s Drive: Pronto on the Banshee, having the Myrmidon aim and shoot Syntherion with the Momentum cannon, knocking him down, and rolled for max distance on the slam which scuppered the attempt as Syntherion was now out of range for the MHSF to plink him down. He still had a significant amount of damage on him (less than 50% remaining) from the Momentum Cannon, but this all got repaired up the following turn.

Paul now went for his own assassination attempt, with Syntherion feating to give his Vectors Weapons Platform, having the one heavy charge at the MHSF to then shoot a flare at Issyria (success due to not deviating far enough), and then having the second heavy attempt to also charge the MHSF and go for an Arcing fire shot on Issyria’s head. Unfortunately the charge was about 3/4″ out and thus the Vector did not get to make it’s shooting action.

At this point my opponent conceded as it was past closing time. I did look to see if I could see an immediately obvious assassination attempt on Syntherion that we could just roll out, but I concluded it would have been another couple of turns of positioning before it would have been possible. I am confident in taking this as a win though as by this point, I had a vastly more significant table presence than the Convergence forces due to having a productive feat turn, clearing off his models.

Highlight of this game was my Mage Hunter Assassin, under feat and Crusaders Call, charging 12″ with another 4″ of reach (total 16″ threat!!!) to deal a whopping 20 damage to one of the heavy Vectors in a single swing.

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