Hero Focus: Kruul

Kruul believes orcs should be the dominant race on Athien and is hellbent on seeing it so in his life time. He is outspoken in his support of the new gods and believes they are the key to delivering orcs to their rightful place. His views have placed him in direct opposition with Haksa, and the two are on a collision course that could plunge orcs into a bloody civil war.

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Hero Focus: Thrommel

Thrommel is a keg. An armour-plated immovable object with a warhammer that stands higher than his own head. Black hair and beard shrouded in heavy helmet, thick muscles and no neck. A will of iron and a heart of gold. He is a clear example of the old dwarven ideals and his dedication to the royal line makes him one of the strongest royalist icons, which makes him loved and despised among mainland dwarves as the divide in their society deepens.

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Hero Focus: Istariel

Istariel has no time for the demands of others or even for the pleasantries that make society tick, even among the elves she is seen as arrogant and unbending. Typically, this attitude would have resulted in numerous physical conflicts until she bent…or broke, however she couples her contempt with one of the greatest natural talents at controlling flame that has ever been seen on Athien.

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Hero Focus: Rakkir

Rakkir is a deadly killer, specialising in the various toxins and poisons of Athien. Exceptionally agile and stealthy for an Orc, Rakkir quickly rose through the ranks of his local thieves guild, before striking out on his own as a hired assassin. His reputation stretches the length and breadth of the land and anyone rumoured as being a target of the Blood Shadow is considered a dead man walking.

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The Cards – Judgement Intro Series

In Judgement, the Heroes and Monsters have cards (much like Warmachine). These are available for free online from the Judgement Print’n’Play page, as well as via the Warband Commander app for Android or Apple. Or for those of you would want a physical card but don’t own a printer, they can be purchased from Drive Thru Cards. I have also made some Printer Friendly cards available from my Judgement Resources page.

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The Setting – Judgement Intro Series

I wrote a series of short articles for Facebook to assist in drumming up interest in this wonderful game. Not wanting to waste effort and to make sure that they are permanently, easily, available to people in the future, I have decided to re-post them here too.

This is a growing game, using 54mm scale to produce some of the most beautiful miniatures in the industry (54mm scale is about the size of a Warjack/Beast from WMH).

The game is small scale skirmish (3 or 5 models a side depending on game size), played on a circular board (2ft or 3ft diameter, again, depending on game size) and is heavily inspired by MOBA games such as League of Legends, Defence of the Ancients or Heroes of the Storm.

There are no factions; every hero is available to everyone, and games can be done in 60-90 minutes.

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Judgement Resources

I made a thing(s)!

Either, click here or use the shiny “Judgement Resources” button on the top menu bar to find my Rules Reference and Printer Friendly card resources.

This also heralds the start of a re-posting of short articles that I made for Facebook to help introduce potential new players to the game. These will go up automatically on a schedule every few days, and then when done, I might try and find some time to even write some Hero tactica… We shall see!

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