To a New Year!

So. A New Year, and a renewed effort to keep my blog going with regular content updates.

Since my last proper update, I have been majorly slacking with the painting – I only got a very small handful of models painted at the beginning of 2017 (though one of them was the Skorne Hydra, so not a little model in itself), and I hope to rectify that this year.

As Khador were my Fully Painted focus in the run-up to the Mk3 release, I figure I will return to this faction first. Once complete, I will turn my attention to completing the painting on my Skorne. Then, once they are done, the big one… Grymkin.

To say that I fell in love with the newest of PP’s WM/H factions when they released would be a lie. To say that I fell in love with them when their rules dropped as part of the first CID cycle would also be a lie. When they were first unveiled at SmogCon ’17 (where I was attending), they hit the itch that I had been ignoring since I gave up on getting a Malifaux community base going at my local club (I played Neverborn). The fluff and aesthetics are right up my street and hit the spot in my evil nightmare creature craving.

Following their release in early July, I made sure to keep up with the release schedule and purchased everything I would need for this faction (the joys of it being limited and not getting any regular new releases).

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