The Setting – Judgement Intro Series

I wrote a series of short articles for Facebook to assist in drumming up interest in this wonderful game. Not wanting to waste effort and to make sure that they are permanently, easily, available to people in the future, I have decided to re-post them here too.

This is a growing game, using 54mm scale to produce some of the most beautiful miniatures in the industry (54mm scale is about the size of a Warjack/Beast from WMH).

The game is small scale skirmish (3 or 5 models a side depending on game size), played on a circular board (2ft or 3ft diameter, again, depending on game size) and is heavily inspired by MOBA games such as League of Legends, Defence of the Ancients or Heroes of the Storm.

There are no factions; every hero is available to everyone, and games can be done in 60-90 minutes.

Judgement takes place on the Shadow Plane, a place called “Between”, for it sits between the real world of Athien, and the Home of the Gods. It is an immaterial place with no time or space; these constructs and concepts appear at the behest of conscious thought. Here, in Between, are the Demi-Gods who are in an eternal race to gain enough power to ascend to the Home of the Gods.

This power is gained by the consumption of Souls, and the most efficient way to gather Souls is to summon the essence of Heroes from Athien to gather them, whilst fighting off those Heroes working for rival Demi-Gods. The players assume the role of these Demi-Gods and select their Heroes from across the history of Athien, all to fight in the chosen arena.

When summoned to the Between, the Heroes leave their bodies in Athien and enter a trance-like slumber. Their projected consciousness in Between represents itself in their own self image with weapons that are familiar to them. The ability to exert some control over the malleable nature of Between with the power of thought is what lends itself to great feats of strength, skill or extraordinary abilities from the minds of these powerful personas.

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