The Cards – Judgement Intro Series

In Judgement, the Heroes and Monsters have cards (much like Warmachine). These are available for free online from the Judgement Print’n’Play page, as well as via the Warband Commander app for Android or Apple. Or for those of you would want a physical card but don’t own a printer, they can be purchased from Drive Thru Cards. I have also made some Printer Friendly cards available from my Judgement Resources page.

To look at typical Hero and Monster cards, I have selected Rakkir, Orc Rogue and Gloom, Shadow Hound. Heroes have 2 cards (front and back) and Monsters have 1 card (front and back)

Starting with Rakkir, Card 1 (front); we have his name at the top followed by race (Orc), role (Rogue) and Class (Aggressor). Below is a portrait picture, flanked by his Soul Harvest stat on the left and an icon signifying his Class (Aggressor) on the right. To the right of this is the core stat block.

Mov (Movement) is the number of inches that he can move with a walk action.
Agi (Agility) is the primary defensive stat.
Res (Resilience) is the amount of damage reduction he has.

Mel (Melee), Mag (Magic), Rng (Ranged) are the offensive stats of each attack type. A – indicates that this Hero cannot make attacks of that type.

Under this are the attacks that a hero can make, including type (melee/magic/ranged), the cost (most attacks are 1A = 1 Action, but there are a couple that are 2A), the range of that attack and the damage track. Some Heroes have more than one attack available to them.

Lastly, Hitboxes. A Hero dies when you mark off enough boxes to reach the Skull. Levelling up effectively moves the Skull to the last box annotated with that level (Rakkir gets 1 additional HP at level 2, and 2 additional HP at level 3 – Yes, Heroes level up through the course of the game!).

Moving on to the back of Card 1;
Innate Abilities. This details any rules that are permanently in play for that Hero.
Combat Manoeuvres. These are triggers that can be applied to successful attacks for additional effects. Their cost are reflected in the brackets (such as 2S on Rakkir’s card), but this will be covered under Dice Mechanics.
Active Abilities. These are special (powerful) abilities that can only be used once per activation. Like with Combat Manoeuvres, the associated cost is in the brackets (1A = 1 Action, 1F = 1 Fate).

Card 2, Front;
This card details the benefits the Hero gets at Level 2 and Level 3. This is not always a Combat Manoeuvre or Active Ability, but changes Hero to Hero.

Card 2, Back;
This card is a bit more variable and can contain reminders on relevant global rules / states, or clarify how a certain relevant rule or interaction works. It is easily overlooked, but can often answer questions encountered in game.

Gloom’s Monster card follows the same format, with the only real difference is the lack of the 2nd card (Monsters cannot level up), and the Soul Harvest stat by the portrait is now a Fate Bounty – what that Monster is worth in Fate to the Hero who delivers the killing blow.

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