The Board – Judgement Intro Series

The Judgement game board, as mentioned previously, is a circle. This comes in 2 sizes, 2ft and 3ft diameter to support the two supported game sizes; 3v3 or 5v5 which represents the number of heroes under each players’ control.

As you can see from the pictures, these maps are static in that the terrain is all pre-marked and clearly delineated to prevent arguments, but dynamic in that multiple layouts are marked and present on each one. Typically there are 4 different layouts affecting the position of the interactive elements. These elements are:

The Effigy. This is your home base. It is your task to destroy the opposing one, whilst protecting your own. In a 3v3 it has 16 health and in a 5v5 it has 20 health. Whilst direct damage can be dealt to it, it also weakens by 4 HP for every Soul that your opponent is holding. In a 3v3 game, if your opponent has 4 Souls then your Effigy is reduced to 0 HP and you lose!

Monsters. They are hostile elements, native to the Shadow Plane, that attack indescriminately and generally cause nuisance. They can be killed though, and doing so grants some Fate and a level to the attacking Hero.

Shrines. These objectives generate Fate for the controlling player, though some layouts and Maps specify “Character” Shrines that do so much more…

Soul Pits. Places where the false reality of the Shadow Plane is thin against the world of Athien, and the Souls of the dead can leak through providing a handy resource for Heroes to collect.

The changing layouts of these elements can make different games on the same Map vastly different from one another, and the release of a new Map can shakeup the game just as much as a new Hero can!

Fate is a currency that is generated from Shrines and Souls, and allows your Heroes to pull off some of their most powerful attacks and skills or to simply purchase Magical Artefacts to enhance their abilities.

As mentioned when talking about Effigies, gathering Souls is the road to Victory; whether picked up from a convenient Soul Pit, or extracted forcibly with the demise of an opposing Hero.

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