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So, now that my decision regarding new faction has been made, how am I proceeding from here?

I have ordered the O-12 half of Operation Wildfire, as well as Team Sirius and the Alpha, and split an order for Beyond Wildfire with a local Shasvastii player. I will be keeping an eye on February and March releases for more O-12 too, but it is not my intention to put them on the table before the end of March.

This is because March 25th – 29th is Adepticon, over in the States. This is the venue where Corvus Belli will be (reportedly) dropping the Infinity Code One rules, and I want to have a fresh faction ready for that!

So what am I doing before that? I am actually using the Code One release as a deadline to get my O-12 models all painted, so that I can get off on the right foot with them. The standard colour scheme is a very attractive dark blue/navy and gold scheme (see below).

But I think what I am going to attempt is a palette shift to dark grey/black and orange. The bright blue glowies, I think I want to try to pull off a similar shade of yellow.

To achieve this in a reasonably headache free fashion is to try a white primer, with Contrast: Black Templar for the bulk of the armour. The yellow glowies will be an experiment with Contrast: Iyanden Yellow (some white highlights will be added to give it the glow effect). I plan to then finish off the orange trim with a nice vibrant orange (maybe highlighted yellow?).

For basing, I want to try and idea I had a while back. I got an ultra black paint from a Kickstarter last year, but haven’t used it yet. The idea is to use the ultra black on the bases, and then a bright colour (either white or orange to match the model trim) for the facing marks. This might be a big miss and prove too distracting, but it’s something I want to at least try first 🙂

I plan to keep posting blog updates with my progress 🙂

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