2019 Gaming and Hobby Retrospective

2019 was a reasonably good year for gaming, averaging out at around 1.5 games a week – impressive as I wasn’t always able to get a game in every week, due to holidays / sickness etc.

My overall win rate (discounting demo games as I always play to lose…) was 45%, with the average being dragged down predominantly by Warmachine/Hordes (38%). Judgement was better (46%), and Infinity was best (56%). Technically Aristeia should be top (67%) but considering I only played 3 games of that in total, I think we can safely say that the stat is skewed a bit!

Carrying on with game numbers, I seem to have played more games of Warmachine/Hordes (40) than I have of Judgement (19) and Infinity (18) combined! More details after the break.

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Mk3 and Me; A hobby gaming goal

So it has been a couple of weeks since Privateer Press let the cat out of the bag with regards to their new rule set. Various spoilers aside, I am excited and intrigued by this news – not so much because of the streamlined rules, or the potential of change for the sake of change that has a lot of people up in arms or cackling with glee. I am most excited about the full rebalance of units across the board.

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Infinity National Team Challenge 2015

intc logo - blackLast year the Exeter Inquisition club (http://exeter-inquisition.org/) hosted the first ever Infinity National Team Challenge. The day itself went about as smoothly as anyone could have hoped – the timetable was adhered to, no games had to be cut short (though a couple started playing into overtime cunningly described as a break between rounds), and everyone left for home on time with a prize of some description (which I think surprised some of the lower scoring teams). Overall victory went to “The Turnips” from Reading, led by the self titled Grand Turnip Overseer himself, i0003. Bonus points go to their themed HVTs (Highly Valuable Turnips) that were specially prepared for the event. Both runner-up spots went to the Pigmar Wargaming Club, who entered two teams – Bacon and Ham, captained by Wintermute and Lupine respectively. Bonus shout-outs to Team AmazingStoke who had matching T-shirts, The Compelling Argument who came to the event with around 20 games of experience between them, having started playing only recently, and Vertically Propelled Johnny Rockets who had by far the best team name 🙂

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