SmogCon Prep & Planning Part 2 – Stretch Goals?!

SmogConWith a monster basing session over the weekend, I am now ready for SmogCon with my Vlad 2 and Sorscha 2 lists. I was planning to stop here and relax a little on the painting, and thus converted my two completed lists down to 35 points for the option of smaller games, in lieu of the proposed Vlad 3 and Zerkova 2 lists in my previous post.

Not a whole lot of thought went into the shrinking of the lists – mainly just what was the easiest things to drop without compromising on the Theme Force requirements. As such, Vlad gained a Wardog, dropped the Irong Fang Pikemen (with UA), and one of his Berserkers. Sorscha lost her Mechaniks, Uhlans, Field Gun, and Widowmaker Marksman.

It was at this point though, that my loving fiancée challenged me to hit one of my extra lists in the remaining 11 days. Picking Zerkova 2, I decided to go for it (6 large bases, 6 small bases requiring paint). While messing on my phone in War Room, I also wanted to see what I could do for her at 50 points (using already painted models) and added a unit of Doom Reavers, an additional Mortar, and a Juggernaut. I would have preferred another ranged ‘Jack, and quite fancy trying her with a Decimator or Grolar, but I didn’t want to add another model to the painting table.

To aid my memory with what models go where, as well as the relevant Theme Force benefits, I have made myself following printout. If I remember to take a writing implement, I will also be using the back of the sheet to record the outcomes of each game, but failing that I can always make a note on my phone.



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