Pick & Ban – Judgement

Whilst there are a few ways to play Judgement, one of the most common formats for both friendly and competitive games is the Pick n Ban method.

Once the game size is known or agreed by the players, each player constructs a Warband of either 5 or 7 Heroes. In initiative order, the players then elect to Ban one of their opponents Heroes and then choose from the remaining which Heroes they want to actually play with given the knowledge of their opponents’ Warband.

In practice, this would look like:

Steve and Barry agree to play a 3v3 game, so they both create a list of 5 Heroes.

Steve selects:
Rakkir (Aggressor), Nephenee (Aggressor), Marcus (Defender), Barnascus (Hybrid) and Kruul (Soul Gazer)

Barry selects:
Thrommel (Defender), Sharn (Defender), Viktor (Aggressor), Allandir (Aggressor), Kogan (Aggressor)

Barry wins the initiative roll, and elects to go first.

  1. Barry Bans Kruul.
  2. Steve Bans Sharn.
  3. Barry drops Allandir – His warband for the game is now Thrommel, Viktor, Kogan.
  4. Steve drops Rakkir – His warband for the game is now Nephenee, Marcus, Barnascus.

To add some more narrative and context to this process;

  1. Barry notices that his opponent has only 1 Soul Gazer and can block Steve from dominating with this aspect of the game.
  2. Steve can’t risk Barry running both Defenders, and opts to block him for using Sharn as he feels he can counter Thrommel easier.
  3. Barry’s three aggressors cover both melee and ranged, after evaluating the Warbands he decides that he wants to favour the melee approach and drops Allandir – a ranged only Hero.
  4. Steve notices that Barry is favouring melee and drops Rakkir – one of his Innate Abilities is additional Agi vs Ranged attacks, and in comparison, Nephenee has a higher base Agi value in general and so would favour the melee based matchup.

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