Mk3 and Me; A hobby gaming goal

So it has been a couple of weeks since Privateer Press let the cat out of the bag with regards to their new rule set. Various spoilers aside, I am excited and intrigued by this news – not so much because of the streamlined rules, or the potential of change for the sake of change that has a lot of people up in arms or cackling with glee. I am most excited about the full rebalance of units across the board.

One of the downsides to the game was the obvious iterative creation process. While I applaud the “softly softly” approach and their desire to not upset the wagon with new releases, the consequence is a slow power creep when comparing similar units. For example – Khador’s Man-O-Wars; The original medium based heavy infantry. Very conservatively designed when they were first added to the game, but once it was determined that there was more room to play without disrupting things, the next medium based heavy infantry released gets a little better. Of course faction make-up plays a role in this, but as a comparison – Khador Man-O-War Bombardiers are considered by some to be the worst of the worst, whereas Skorne Cataphract Incindiarii are lauded as amazing troops and included in a vast majority of lists. There is no reason why these two similar troops for comparable point costs are not closer in terms of balance and appeal.

Greylord Ternions are another example – almost every other 3-man non-character unit gets wound boxes. This is the cost of being first.

So I am excited. But that is not why I am writing this post.

While this was meant to be the year of Retribution for me (after running Khador for SmogCon), I like pointless milestones and goals that I can measure myself against, and hold myself to. Painting up my Khador for Smogcon put me within spitting distance of having a fully painted faction, and so my next goal is to have my Khador fully painted in time for Mk3. But why stop there? Painting all these models is all well and good, but if I am immediatley shelving them, then there is very little motivation there. So what I am aiming for, is with the release of Mk3 I will commit to playing every Warmachine (or Hordes) game fully painted. This does shelve Retribution for a good deal longer, especially as my Skorne is at (or at least very near) a point when I can field a fully painted list.

But again, why stop here? This train of thought began with Warmachine Mk3 on the horizon, but I now have fully painted forces for Marvel Universe and Batman Miniatures, my Infinity Aleph collection (which is the complete available range) is over 70% complete. These are enough painted models to be able to play every game fully painted. This keeps motivation up to carry on painting, especially if I want to use new shiny models soon after release.

So, I am holding myself to the below:

I will only play the below games fully painted:

  • Warmachine and Hordes, as of June 29th
  • Infinity, as of the HSN3 release (with an exception for the club’s Slow-Grow League – I am committed to Morats, who are far from fully painted, though I will aim to have all models used in the League painted by the end of it)
  • Marvel Universe Miniature Game
  • Batman Miniature Game

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