Magical Artefacts and Fate – Judgement Intro Series

Heroes in Judgement can equip Magical Artefacts to boost their stats, or occasionally given additional benefits or functionality in the battle.

Artefacts come in 2 flavours; Offensive (red) and Defensive (green). A Hero can equip one of each at the same time. Artefacts are also unique per player; both players in a game can equip the mighty Vorpal Blade on their Heroes, but they only have 1 and so have to choose which Hero it is most valuable with.

Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice when equipping your Heroes as they can also be passed around freely to get the most benefit in the right place at the right time.

These Artefacts need to be purchased with Fate and can be done in a couple of ways. Firstly, by spending an Action at your Effigy you can shop for Artefacts or secondly, when you kill a Monster and are close enough to receive the Fate Bounty, you can immediatly shop for Artefacts without spending an Action (think of it as looting the corpse). Most Artefacts cost 1 Fate, but some are 2 Fate or even 0 Fate.

We have covered Fate in passing a couple of times, mentioning that it can be used to pay for abilities on Heroes and that it is your currency for purchasing Artefacts, however it has more uses than that. The most common use of Fate is to spend it to perform a re-roll of just about any dice roll in the game. Note, you can only re-roll dice once and have to accept the second result. But this is such a handy ability for those clutch moments when you need the right result and the probabilities decide to favour your opponent.

Fate can also be used (at the cost of 1F + 1A) to heal a Hero for 5HP.

As a reminder, Fate is generated by controlling Shrines, killing Monsters, and holding Souls.

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