Looking at Lists – X-Wing Imperials, 100pts.

As written about in last week’s Club Night battle report, I wanted to improve upon the list that I took.

For reference, the list is:

TIE Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot,
TIE Phantom – “Echo”, (Fire-Control System, Push the Limit, Stygium Particle Accelerator)
TIE Defender – Rexler Brath, (Munitions Failsafe, Marksmanship, Autoblaster, Cluster Missiles)

The things that I didn’t like about this, and wanted to change are:

1) Why on earth I ever took the Stygium Particle Accelerator over the Advanced Cloaking Device, I have no idea.
2) Having Rexler Brath use Marksmanship was negating his ability to get Focus, which meant that I couldn’t use his pilot ability.
3) If I am either Focusing or using Marksmanship on Rexler Brath, I am not getting an opportunity to get a Target Lock for his Cluster Missiles. This seems a little anti-synergistic.

Tackling these in turn, I first dropped the all upgrades and the filler ship (goodbye Obsidian Squadron Pilot!) so that I can build up from scratch. Addressing the first issue, I added the Advanced Cloaking Device, and looking to maximise on this I added Veteran Instincts. The idea being that after I de-cloak, I want to shoot and recloak as fast as possible for the defensive benefits.

Looking at Rexler Brath, I really wanted to use his pilot ability, and could see the immediate synergies between this and Autoblaster. The best way to maximise this is still the Marksmanship action, though I still need a focus to be able to trigger the synergistic payload. Looking through the upgrade cards that he can take, I stumbled across the Experimental Interface card. For the cost of 1 Stress, this does exactly what I need.

Looking at the remaining points I went hunting for a distraction ship that I could just throw at the enemy to cause a nuisance. Upon finding Dark Curse, I figured that he could be exactly what I need as his Pilot ability will allow him a little extra survivability without needing either of the bigger ships to cover for him.

This left one point left. Scanning through the options for each of my ships, it became a close race between the new XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (from the upcoming TIE Inquisitor blister) on Rexler Brath, and Enhanced Scopes on “Echo”. I really liked the idea of the tracers on Rexler, but this ran counter to my point number 3 above (though not as much as it didn’t need a target lock, I could just use a focus for it instead – and would have ample opportunity for this when outside of the Autoblaster’s range 1). Eventually I settled on the Enhanced Scopes, as while it only happened a couple of times, it was very annoying for me to have a landing spot in mind for de-cloaking and have my opponent fly a ship right in the way just before he activated. This upgrade allows me to fly him first when activating, and then the Veteran Instincts takes over and he can be one of the first ships to shoot too.

Final List:

TIE Phantom – “Echo”, (Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device, Enhanced Scopes)
TIE Defender – Rexler Brath, (Marksmanship, Autoblaster, Experimental Interface)
TIE Fighter – Dark Curse,

The only card that I do not own for this list is currently the Experimental Interface, which comes with the YT-2400, though this ship is on my short-list for future purchases.

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