Looking at Lists #2: League of Assassins for the Batman Miniature Game

leagueofshadows1A slightly different Looking at Lists today, as this is one that I have been using for a while for the Batman Miniature Game.

Despite having played this list and game for approaching 9 months now, I still consider myself to be learning the game due to the lack of regular games with this system. In an effort to remember things between games, and speed up rule lookups, I made myself a cheat sheet that references the skills required for my list as well as some game sequences.

This Cheat Sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

League Cheat Sheet

This list itself is mainly based on the models that I own, with a couple of proxys. There was no real thought beyond what can I actually field. I started from the top, and when I ran out of points for ninjas I looked to the other cheap options that I could fit in. I realise that I could have had an additional ninja for the combined cost of Mohawk and Prisoner with Tube, but that then left me with some points left that I could not spend at all.

Leader: Ras Al Ghul (Liam Neeson)
Sidekick: Nyssa Al Ghul
Prisoner with Tube

This leaves $500 left to spend. The general idea is Extra Ammo and Climbing Shoes for Seeker to help in getting good firing positions, and Loyalty Tattoo for the Prisoner to stand next to Ras and take hits for him. Though I also have the option of ignoring the Tattoo on the Prisoner, and giving Seeker the Nightvision Goggles to get a very effective fire support model.

Playing the list, I find that Ras is an incredible beat-stick (he has one-shot Joker when given the chance, without even needing the crit effect on his sword), Nyssa and Seeker give a nice amount of ranged presence, and the over abundance of blood damage is quite terrifying for my opponents, especially as more often than not I am rerolling hits for Handy, and wounds for Sharp.

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