Judgement Resources

I have created a few resources for the Judgement game to either help in game (Rules Reference), or help with printing (Printer Friendly cards to use less ink!).

Personally, I advocate the use of the Warband Commander mobile apps on Android and Apple, but they don’t work so well for demos, and some people just prefer cards!

These files have been labelled as V10, to coincide with the current Patch Notes revision, as well as every card reflecting their individual version # to help with updating and version control.

I will endeavour to keep these updated each quarter, and also provide a single “collection” file to encompass all the updates and changes each Patch Note.

I have transcribed this all by hand, so if you see anything wrong, please let me know, and if in doubt – always reference the official cards (though I kept the text largely word for word).

Minor Typos
Patch Notes 10:
Rules Reference - Buy/Sell Artefacts now free upon respawning, Hero Units dont gain Soul Harvest bonus from their own member models, Souls don’t move towards Cursed models.
Combined Boots of Elvenkind and Boots of Speed.
Combined Boots of Stability and Minotaur Essence.
Combined Bracers of Disruption and Astral Stasis Potion.
Gift of the Gods - Reduced range.
Combined Hunters Knife and Potion of Ogre Strength.
Barnascus - Repair scaling.
Bastian - Prayer of Health scaling, Ehanced Magic changed to Aura.
Brok - Changed Savagery expiration.
Cradol - Reduced Consume Soul healing, re-worded Shadow Mist tokens.
Doenrakkar - Hyper Regeneration scaling.
Fazeal - Increased AGI.
Gendris - Rework.
Loribela - Exlir scaling.
Saiyin - Aura of Light scaling, Replaced Enhanced Aura with Sleep.
Sharn - Reworded Hammer Smash, Replaced Intimidate with Pavise Adept.
Styx - Card incremented, however change clarification is not on these Printer Friendly cards.
Svetlana - Rework.
Inferno - MEL & AGI increased, Fireball changed to MAG attack, Heat Conductor now basic attacks.
Inferno and Terra - Summoned versions added.

Updated Rules Reference to include Hero Unit rules

Corrected Isabel’s name
Added Cradol’s card (0.2)

Created Demon Blade as a Magical Artefact card
Fixed Dor'gokaan's Weakening Gaze attack to be Magic
Patch Notes 9:
Allandir - Bow crit damage reduced to 4
Dor’gokaan (summoned) - Health reduced to 10
Shrine of Eldir - Replacing Eldir with Terra is now optional
Lord Fazeal - Decapitation Combat Manoeuvre now specifies True Damage
Gendris - Lightning Leap Combat Manoeuvre now specifies True Damage
Isabel - Finalised to v1.0 & Divine Intervention Innate Ability does not affect Isabel
Sir Marcus - Frost Born Innate Ability added
Xyvera - Unholy Harvest Active Ability now specifies against curse
Bale & Sarna - Cards finalised to v1.0
Kogan - Sustained Attack Combat Manoeuvre now specifies damage
Thrommel - Hammer Time Active Ability now must immediately follow an attack
Viktor - Small Innate Ability is now a core ability
Zaffen - Big Game Hunter Active Ability now must immediately follow an attack

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