In the Footsteps of the Damned; Part 1, Chapter 1

Lets get things going! This first session was kind of before I had made up my mind to do and continue this story in this form, so my notes we very minimal, and a lot of the session was bartering for gear. As the chapters go on, they will get longer…!

Part 1: Finding Arnfinn
Chapter 1

In Grimsdalur, we gathered for “The Thing”, a somewhat colloquial name given by the villagers for town meetings and other assorted summons by the Jarl.

On this occasion, we witnessed Jarl Vekato pass judgement on someone named Egil Dolph, who was burnt at the stake (but curiously without so much as a whimper than the delicious screams of anguish I would expect). The Jarl had accused this Wizard of sending his Son to his death on false tales. Asking for volunteers, the Jarl wanted help finding his son, or at the very least, those responsible for his demise.

I was momentarily taken aback – this scene evoked a massive sense of Deja Vu as I had dreamt of it a few nights ago. It must have been a sign from Seraphina! Knowing that I couldn’t afford to miss this instruction, I raised my hand and volunteered. I must admit, I thought I was volunteering for myself, but I seem to have roped in Zani, Smoke, Bejard, Fi and Rake too. Rainik wasn’t pleased with all of us going, I hope I can dispel his fears and keep the farmstead safe – even more so now that Rainik appears to have emptied his coffers to give us the best chance of return. I will remember this debt, considering the kindness Rainik showed me when I first arrived.

We spoke with the Jarl and inspected the wizards’ accommodation, finding a magic book of some sort, meanwhile Smoke convinced the Jarl to provide rations and a horse to carry them. Heading into town to get outfitted for our excursion, we also managed to get some hints from Eysteinn and Dolgo. I admit that I did snap at Dolgo, but I was on edge after the petty teasing and childish noise from the Jarls’ guardsmen, I should be better than that. But in short, we are heading for some caverns north of here, while keeping an eye out for a missing wagon – possibly with the involvement of some Goblins?

We have been on the road now for a day, and there is something suspicious about this seemingly fortified wagon on the road…. I smell a trap!

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