In the Footsteps of the Damned; Introductions

It took a bit longer to find the time that I wanted, but here is the start of a series of posts about the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I am currently a part of, set in a homebrew Nordic mythological inspired setting. This series of articles will document the campaign, as well as occasionally lift the curtain and give some OoC thoughts on the events.

This marks the first time I have played DnD (well, the group did a one-shot before the start of the campaign as it was the first DnD for a few of us), and the campaign has now been going for approaching 10 months, averaging out at sessions every other week(ish).

I can’t believe my luck with group chemistry, especially as this was all sourced and organised from an open Facebook advert!

To start, lets introduce the player characters!


Race: Aasimar (Fallen)
Class: Warlock

This is my character 🙂 He is a bit of an abrasive arsehole, but the character arc I set up for him is that of redemption, to try and claw his way back from being “Fallen”, after he fled his home in shame. Picking a warlock was a bit of a leap from my normal comfort zone, as I would normally go for a Rogue, but I knew we already had one of the group looking at that class.


Race: Variant Human
Class: Monk

Played by Chris, this is a large person, who is hooded and masked around village, but then reveals as we travel that he is actually a Bear! This plot point fell a bit flat when revealed and no one reacted, in a new setting where the DM had said no race restrictions, we all just took it as normal… In hindsight, we ret-conned it slightly as all our characters are actually not that local that we each didn’t want to be “that guy” and rock the boat without everyone realising that everyone else was having a small existential crisis in their own head. The name was originally a pun on a Bear with a beard, and was just “Beard” pronounced “Bey-ard”, but after a few sessions in the nordic location, we realised that a soft “J” would be the correct spelling for the pronunciation.


Race: Teifling
Class: Ranger

Played by Michele, Fi is an animal loving and people hating ranger. She usually keeps to herself, but there is more than meets the eye…


Race: Snow Elf
Class: Druid

Played by Dan, Rake was still learning Common language at the start of the game and would have been developed as time went on. However, in hindsight, it was always inevitable that he developed into a long-eared version of Manuel from Fawlty Towers – oops!


Race: Tabaxi
Class: Rogue

Played by Tash, Smoke (full name; Smoke under Starlight), is a wanderer and seeker of stories and shiny things!


Race: Deep Gnome
Class: Wizard

Played by Adam, Zani is a scared and slightly neurotic character. She has a fear of most things, not least of all the Undead, which also leads to the need to burn things to make sure they can’t rise again… She likes to think that she is the smartest person in the room, and while its possible that she is right, no one is interested in entertaining that idea in public.


Race: God
Class: Overlord

The role of DM is masterfully run by Giles, who has DM’d for a couple of other long running groups and came up with this homebrew campaign and setting.

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