In the Footsteps of the Damned; Chapter 4

This session we started off with our first level up! Much excitement to be had, also culminating in our first “big” battle 😀

Chapter 4

I had a vision in my dreams. The world appeared around me, as it was when I was awake, but I was alone. I say I was alone, but I was being watched – a black shape, somehow darker than the darkness, was there. It was hard to make out the shape, but as it moved, I am sure I caught the sight of horns. They jumped, or fell, I am not sure which, down into the void by our campsite. YOU NEED MORE. I can’t say I heard it, but I felt it in my core, those words echoing in my head. I tried to move to peer over the edge to see if I could see the shadowy figure again, but in the blink of an eye everyone was back again and Smoke was pulling me away from the edge. Despite this disruption, I woke feeling more rested than I can recall in a long time, and strong/powerful in a way that I cannot find the words to explain.

The oddities don’t stop there though – over breakfast, Rake gave a funny look to everyone and then shifted into the form of a wolf. If we didn’t understand his grasp of Common before, this isn’t going to help communication at all! It will be one of those days, I think!

And true to my prediction – the surprises didn’t stop; on our way back to the pit trap we had left yesterday I discovered that all of that indecipherable writing was now perfectly legible – as if I had written it myself! The warning in the entry courtyard read “Malgamir” and the scratchings in the room with the cage read “Watch out for Dragons”. The latter wasn’t so useful or interesting, given the discovery of the dragon scale, but the former is very intriguing! I will have to research this Malgromir…

Having navigated the pit trap safely, we almost walked into (literally) a goblin who seemed as surprised to see us as we were to see him – I tried to blast him with an Eldritch Blast, but missed. The spell felt stronger and the “recoil” if that is even the right word, threw off my aim. It left an impressive hole in the wall though! Unfortunately this only prompted the pitiful creature to let out an ear splitting scream. Fi silenced it with her bow, but it seems the damage was already done as we could suddenly hear further commotion from around the corner as presumably more goblins heard the noise and prepared themselves.

Faced with the thought of retreating and leaving an unknown threat to our rear, or facing them head on, we took the head on approach! But were exceedingly cautious in our movements – no point walking into further traps or ambushes unnecessarily.

Following the trail of the goblins led us to a large cathedral style room, still leaning heavily on the Draconic designs and motif. It seems that either we caught up to the goblins at this point, or they ran out of space to retreat into and there was a battle around their hovels and tents that littered the room. 

I knew that Bejard had some martial training from or despite his monastic training, but he was a blur, dashing into the thick of it, dropping goblins in a flurry of blows – it was very impressive. He was quickly joined by Smoke on the front line, while I started work on the other flank with assistance from Fi and Rake in his wolf form. Zani was staying well back but was nonetheless superbly useful in flinging spells into the fray! I did worry about our chances, especially when a goblin crone entered from an unseen door at the back of the room – she seemed to cast some affliction that affected Fi, Smoke and Bejard, but it can’t have been too bad as the next thing I knew, Bejard had followed her behind a tent and no amount of combat noise could have disguised the sickening (and glorious) “scrunch” of bones breaking fatally, especially combined with the almost arterial spray of blood that went flying through the air. I was both impressed and a little scared – it was so exhilarating! The whole fight was, to be honest – it felt good to be killing with purpose again, instead of the meaningless path I was on before. I even got to bring a knife to the fight and watched the light go from a goblin who thought I was merely a “weak spellcaster”. His mistake. His *last* mistake.

All of a sudden there was silence as the battle ended, but this silence only served to highlight a voice from the next room that gave me chills. I feel a bit winded now and could do with a breather, but I am not sure that we will get the chance!

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