In the Footsteps of the Damned; Chapter 3

We continue to explore our first dungeon!

Chapter 3

We spoke at length between us on the way to go – many good reasons both for and against each direction. Eventually we asked Smoke to safely open the hidden door (thankfully! There was a very sharp looking barb hidden in the mechanism!), as it could be a safer way into the keep, given the secretive nature. Most confusing though – this secret door merely leads to a small room of reanimated skeletons!! Maybe they had been simply bricked up during construction, and the trap a deterrent to anyone accidentally setting them free? Zani seemed a bit shaken by the skeletons, but I don’t know if that was just nerves from the fight or something deeper…

Never mind. With that avenue exhausted, we decided to take the obvious path and follow the footprints in the blood and dust. We stumbled upon a room with more indecipherable scrawlings, with another campfire and cage, wherein Fi found a white dragonscale! While we were looking around this room, Rake went on a flight of  fancy and had run off through 3 doors and corridors before we caught up with him! I am astounded at his brashness – this place is foreboding and fills me with dread and caution. But the Elf seems to be as lucky as he is reckless! I am sure he has more sense than his lack of Common Language would suggest, but I do have to wonder sometimes. His sprint ended when he was stopped by a door that had some writing that he could understand – must have been Elvish, but still looked like scribbles to me. “Rebuke on the Dead Open the Way” he managed to relay to us in his broken tongue. Most curious. While Rake was trying to translate this, Bejard tossed a coin for luck into a fountain that was opposite the door. That penny-pincher Zani grabbed it back the second that our companion turned his back, however. She thought she was being sly, but we all heard the splash of her arm. Hopefully this won’t bring us bad luck…

Backtracking to the room with the cage to pick up the trail of footprints again, we head off down a couple more corridors with an increasingly bad stench. Finding a large ornate hall, I surmise that this place seems to have been made in reverence or deference to some Draconic power – there is lots of draconic detailing, and there was a large Dragon head over a throne. Of course I had to try sitting on the throne! It befits my noble standing! And as a bonus, I got to admire the handiwork of those who came before us, leaving a beheaded goblin sitting there. I quickly dug through this unfortunate creatures’ pockets and snagged a few elixirs – they didn’t need them anymore! I don’t know if Zani was trying to improve the smell but started blasting some corpses with firebolts! The only perceivable effect was just creating some more smoke and stench. There is certainly something awry with Zani, she is acting a little irrational.

The smell led us to something that may have once been a pantry, but looked old and rotten, we very quickly moved on. Unfortunately we had now long lost the footprints and set about cautiously checking more doors off of this hall. Some trickster had left a bucket of excrement and offal perched above one of these doors, the filthy animal. I would have loved to have punished them for the mess they made of us, short-lived as it was given the magical parlor tricks that myself and Zani can employ to clean ourselves. But it seems they already met their end, cowering in that very room. 

Opening another door led to a sudden torrent of ravenous rats that bolted for the pantry we had found earlier – someone had left the door open. Poor Zani was the only one in their path and succumbed as they washed over her. Was this her luck for stealing the coin back from the fountain? Rake quickly revived her with one of our healing potions and we continued on. Behind the next door, another trapdoor was discovered, but the day was getting late so we made our way back to one of the campfires to rest.

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