In Review: 6 Month Report!

Looking back over the past 6 months I have tallied up my hobby and gaming progress, and broken down some of the numbers to relevant systems. Behold!

Models Painted: 87
The vast majority of these are Warmachine models (75), though the Batman Miniature Game (7) and Marvel Universe Miniature Game (5) make a small showing.

Games played: 51
This breaks down into 21 wins, 27 losses, and 3 draws. Or by game system: 18 Infinity, 29 Warmachine, 1 each for Batman and Marvel, and 2 for X-Wing.

Breaking it down both ways at once shows:

Win: 9
Loss: 8
Draw: 1
Win: 11
Loss: 17
Draw: 1
Loss: 1
Loss: 1
Win: 1
Draw: 1


Here’s to another 1/2 year – see you in January!

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