Heroes – Judgement Intro Series

Todays’ topic is the Heroes of Judgement, and everything that goes into making them awesome!

Now is a good time to say that Judgement is an alternating activation game; players take it in turns to activate 1 Hero at a time, until all Heroes are activated before the turn rolls over and a new turn starts. Each Hero activation consists of 3 Actions. As mentioned previously, most attacks are 1 Action, walking is 1 Action etc. These can be used and combined in any order or quantity within the 3A limit. Of course if your Attack is 2A, you can only do it once in that Activation! Charging is the cost of your Attack +1 Action, but you get benefits to your Dice Pool and can move up to your Mov stat + 3 inches – the increased cost is worth it!

This is a miniatures game, and things will die. But fear not – Heroes respawn the turn following their death with only a minor temporary handicap to illustrate the ressurection sickness. Freshly respawned Heroes come back with 5 damage boxes already marked, and for the turn that they respawned only get 2 Actions in their activation.

Heroes also fall into a selection of Classes that help denote their role on the table. These classes are:

  • Aggressor – These are your damage dealers, inflicting damage is their purpose.
  • Defender – These are your tanks, generally getting in the way and absorbing damage. Typically Defenders will come with 2 Res to make harming them that much harder.
  • Support – These are generally more backline Heroes who can heal or buff others or have more control abilities in their repetoire.
  • Hybrid – These guys are your jack-of-all trades who can do a little bit of everything, but aren’t necessarily the best at anything. They fit the slot in your warband if you need to cover multiple bases.
  • Soul Gazer – Soul Gazers are another unique aspect of Judgement, they excel at harvesting souls. Boasting significantly higher Soul Gaze stats and an implicit rule to assist them with Soul Gazing they can make or break your game. They are suitably soft and squishy though (in most cases).

Soul Gazing is a special action available to all Heroes regardless of class, that allows them to pick up a loose soul that is floating around the board. To collect these Unbound Souls, a Hero must be within 2″ or 4″ if they are a Soul Gazer, and roll 2D6 adding their Soul Gaze stat. If the total equals or exceeds 12, then you Harvest the Soul and Gain a Level! This roll can be modified with friendly models in range (+ to your roll) or hampered by enemy models in range (- to your roll).

Heroes are currently pulled from three periods of Athien’s history: Medievil/Fantasy, World War, and Futuristic. But that said, there have been rumours and rumblings about Wild West or Oriental stylings possibly appearing in the future…

The Hero races are comprised of Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Minotaurs and most recently, Goblins and Undead.

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