Club Night – X-Wing? I think you mean TIE Fighter!

Date: 8/3/16
Opponent: Adam
Game: X-Wing

Size: 100pts
My Force: Imperials
His Force: Imperials

My List:
TIE Fighter – Obsidian Squadron Pilot,
TIE Phantom – “Echo”, (Fire-Control System, Push the Limit, Stygium Particle Accelerator)
TIE Defender – Rexler Brath, (Munitions Failsafe, Marksmanship, Autoblaster, Cluster Missiles)

His List:
Forgot to make a note, but it was a TIE swarm featuring Mauler Mithel, Howlrunner and Winged Gundark.

2016-03-08 X-Wing

The game in brief:
This was a fun game that unfortunately did not get finished due to time constraints. My opponent flew the swarm very well and was able to focus fire on my ships effectivley (I was outnumbered 2 – 1). The only obvious misplay on his part was to accidently fly one TIE off the table on turn 3. I quickly lost my Obsidian Squadron TIE, and the TIE Defender a couple of turns later from weight of attacks. My TIE Phantom was doing rahter well though, and at the point where he was the only ship I had left on the board, he still had 1 Shield and full Hull Points. I was able to continue using him with hit and run tactics, reducing him to 3 ships, 1 with 2 Hull remaining and 2 with 1 Hull remaining before we had to stop. It would have been really interesting to see how the game would have ended, but alas the time was just not there, and given that the tactics available to me necessitated in a slower, more cautious, game.

Post-game thoughts:
I liked the combination of “Echo” and Rexler Brath, but I think I can make a better list. I just need to work out some of the synergies first (Look out for an upcoming Looking at Lists article on this…). Flying “Echo” is really fun, but I need to get my head around his maneuverability a bit more. Several times I found myself stymied by one of his ships ending where I was planning to de-cloak, and having to come up with a plan B on the spot. I need to think about this in advance and plan ahead accordingly.

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