Club Night – Warmachine and Batman

Date: 15/3/16

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich
Size: 50Pts
Mission: Two Fronts
Game: Batman Miniature Game
Opponent: Cameron
Size: 300Pts
Mission: Ambush

I have been slacking on these club night write-ups, so I apologise for the lack of details…

For my game against Rich, I fielded an Issyria list that I will be writing about soon in my Looking at Lists series. In short, I had Issyria with Phoenix, Elara with Hyperion, some Arcanists, an MHA and MHSF with UA. Rich was fielding a Haley 3 list which featured 4 heavy Warjacks, and not much infantry.

2016-03-15 Warmachine

What infantry he did have, I was able to remove most of with a nicely placed 5″ AOE from Hyperion (without even critting). The plan was to get Blinding Light on the Haleys, and bury H-Prime under weight of feated-fire, however this was derailed when my Phoenix wandered a hair too close to one of Rich’s Reach ‘Jacks, preventing me from arcing the spell.


2016-03-15 Warmachine EoG

I conceded the game when Rich eradicated all of my infantry, and both of my Myrmidons. With no way of holding any board presence, or threat convincingly with my Warcaster, I was unable to delay a scenario win for Rich.


2016-03-15 BMG

Playing Batman against Cameron was a constant reminder that I had become rather rusty with the rules for this game, and need to play it more to remind myself exactly how everything works!

The scenario rolled was Ambush, with Cameron taking the centre deployment zone with his “Batman” crew (no Batman though, just Green Arrow, Huntress and a few cops). My League was then split to the left and right side of the above picture. My list consisted of Ra’s Al Neeson, all the (male) Ninja Henchmen (I don’t have the Shiva box yet), and a Prisoner with an Axe to act as Ra’s bodyguard.

We only played 6 of the 8 rounds, but already by this point the game was a landslide in Cameron’s favour. His ability to place and activate his Bat Signal objective on the first turn, and switch it on with his first activation ensured a minimum of 4 points per turn as I could not get close enough to turn it off again. The game ended 40-6 to him!!!

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