Club Night – Trouble in Paradise!

Date: 26/1/16
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich

Size: 50Pts
Mission: Fire Support

My Force: Khador
My List: Sorscha2 SmogCon List, as seen Here

Rich’s Force: Khador
Rich’s List: Vlad2 SmogCon List, as seen Here

Result: Defeat, Loss on Scenario

AAR in Brief:
What happens when a couple of lovers, who also happen to be powerful Warcasters, commanding their own respective portions of that Khadoran Army, have a falling out? Well…

For a change in pace, yet while still practicing my SmogCon lists, Rich offered to play one of my lists against the other – giving me a different opponent than his Cygnar, and getting to see how someone else might field my forces. I rolled a die to see who got which list and I ended up with Sorscha, giving Vlad to Rich.

Deployment:2016-01-26 Deployment
After rolling off, Rich chose first turn giving me the option of table sides. I chose for Rich to go on the side with a large patch of rough terrain in the centre of that side. I then pre-deployed Conquest to my right (as I already knew that I wanted the Mortars to be directly behind the objective (for the bonus), and the bottleneck between the forest and terrain/obstruction looked a bit on the tight side for my Winter Guard blob).

Rich deployed in a wide line, pitting the Uhlans against the rough terrain, Markov on an extreme flank, with Iron Fangs on the opposite side. Vlad himself stayed fairly central behind Drago, but the 2 Berserkers went on the far side of the Uhlans.

I deployed my forces as described above during my thoughts on pre-deployment. In addition, the Uhlans went on my left flank as that was the more open side (the forest wouldn’t have slowed them down, but they wouldn’t have been able to draw LoS so easily), and they could threaten Markov. Sorscha and her Destroyer went alongside the Conquest, with Sorscha eyeing up the obstruction directly ahead of her as a nice hidey-hole. Placing the Field gun on my right side was mainly to add some ranged threat on the Iron Fangs opposite.

Advance Deployment had Rich place the Widowmakers in the forest to my left, and the Great Bears to my right where they had a nice corridor behind the forest that they could use to get close to the Conquest relatively safely. I placed my Widowmaker Marksman in the forest to my right as I was wary of the Great Bears, and the Manhunter to my left, ahead of my Uhlans, with the intention of going Widowmaker hunting.

Turn 1:2016-01-26 Turn 1
Rich advanced aggressively, using the Relentless Charge on the Uhlans to help them clear the rough terrain patch. The Iron Fangs Shield Marched forwards, and the Great Bears ran. The Widowmakers advanced through the forest to cover my objective.

I advance my Manhunter to a threatening location, toeing the hill, followed by the Uhlans who also sit on the hill, blocking Markov’s path to the Winter Guard. Conquest advances and tries to shoot at Drago in the hope that people will get thrown around but it a hair short. The Mortars advance towards the objective and scatter some shots around, getting an impressive blast damage roll on one of the Berserkers, and pinging one of the Uhlans for a couple of points. The Destroyer attempts to scatter his shot at the Iron Fangs, to no real effect. The Field gun moves to the side in an attempt to slow the Great Bears, but misses. Sorscha puts Iron Flesh on the WG and advances towards the obstruction, and the Winter Guard Bob’n’Weave forwards. I forgot to activate the Widomaker Marksman!

Turn 2:2016-01-26 Turn 2
Rich runs and mini-feats the Iron Fangs, taking advantage of my slow advance to gain more table presence. After moving Drago out of the way, Vlad feats (rolling for maximum effect) and charges forward to end in base to base with his flag. Feat targets end up being all of the Uhlans and one of the Widowmakers. The Widowmakers do a combination of advancing and aiming to take out the Manhunter and putting some damage on the two Mortar Crews. The Uhlans then charge at the Winter Guard and the my Uhlans, wrecking havoc, though I was able to limit this a little with Take-up on the Rocketeer halting a couple of charges that impacted on him. The Great Bears then ate up the Field Gun with 0 effort.

Checking Sorscha’s control area, I decide that with the front lines being currently drawn around the boundaries of my Kill Box, an assassination attempt is on the cards. Sorscha allocates 2 to Conquest and 1 to the Destroyer, camping the rest just in case. She then advances into her cubby-hole and Feats, catching Vlad in the area. Conquest aims, and boosts the attack roll, looking for a crit, but only manages to directly hit. Still, all is not lost – he boosts damage hoping to one-shot Vlad, and gets 4 damage, doubled to 8. Vlad is certainly hurting, but he is still standing and just got a lot harder to hit. The Destroyer aims and boosts the attack roll, but misses. Likewise for the Widowmaker Marksman. Having nothing else that can touch Vlad this turn, I begin to see the end in site on scenario and carelessly charge my surviving Winter Guard into the Uhlans to no effect. My Uhlans attempt to beat up Markov, but only deal superficial Damage. At the end of the turn, Rich scores 1 for Dominating his friendly flag.

Turn 3:2016-01-26 Turn 3
Rich has the Iron Fangs charge the Conquest, dealing a not-insubstantial amount of damage across both halves. Followed by the Great Bears charging on to try and finish the job, however they were about a quarter-grid shy of sealing the deal. One of his Berserkers disables my objective several times, but I keep it alive sacrificing Winter Guard. I run out of WG to throw in the way eventually and it goes down to shots from the Widowmakers. The Uhlans can then make short work of the remaining Winter Guard and Uhlans. The other Berserker controls my flag. Rich scores at the end of his turn for 3 points (Dominating friendly flag, Controlling enemy flag, and Destroying enemy Objective).

The end is in sight, unless I can deal with Vlad, I lose on Scenerio. Looking at the table, my options are limited and try for a fully boosted shot from the Destroyer on Vlad, which misses. With the game now lost, I activate Conquest to have some fun and sweep at the Great Bears and Iron Fangs around his feet, doing a good job of removing them, but it is far too little, too late. Rich scores again, and wins on Scenario. (In the pic above, the Destroyer had not moved, but was just moved out of place to allow the Conquest to rotate prior to his sweep to get the maximum benefit).


Mistakes and Lessons Learnt:
Especially against a fast list like Vlad’s, I need to advance a lot more on turn 1, otherwise I concede too much table space to the enemy which severely limits my options. Also, I need to remember that Conquests Crit: Devastation is a nice bonus, and not something to count on. Charging my Winter Guard at the Uhlans was just plain wrong. If I had stopped and thought for a second, I would have realised that not only would I have had a better chance at hitting them with my ranged attacks (especially with Sorschas Combined Arms ability), but that the damage is higher too.

Ultimately, rolling for me to play the Sorscha list was beneficial, as it is certainly the list that I need a lot more practice with. The lessons that were highlighted in this game have been taken to heart and wont be forgotten any time soon!

Watching Rich’s use of my Vlad list, I feel that I realised the potential of an early feat to get the alpha-strike. Had I been in control, I would have more likely waited a turn to try and do more damage to non-squishy targets, possibly by feating on the Iron Fangs instead of the Uhlans, in an attempt to take out the Conquest.

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