Club Night – Tohaa-mon, Evolve!

Date: 2/2/16
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Paul

Size: 155pts
Mission: Homebrew introductory mission

My Force: Tohaa
My ListOpen in Army 5

Paul’s Force: Aleph
His listOpen in Army 5

Final Score: 2 – 1
Result: Victory

Using the same Homebrew mission as before (see here for a rundown), myself and Paul had a rematch of sorts. Paul was trying out his new Aleph Starter box, and I wanted to get my new Kerail Preceptor and SymbioBeasts on the table. For Paul’s list we opted to proxy a couple of the slightly differently than as packaged, ending up with the Asura Spitfire and Deva+Devabot. This came to 155points, so I threw together a quick list to match, and came up with 153pts.

2016-02-02 Table

This was the table that we played on, Paul won the roll-off choosing deployments, and I took 1st turn.

First order of my first turn (after the Makaul’s obligatory rush forwards), I decided to throw caution to the wind, and enjoy a troop that I rarely field, yet whose sculpt is a large part of why I started looking at Tohaa: The Gao-Tarsos. Spotting a landing zone on the far table edge, I attempted to land him behind his Deva hazarding a long range combi shot from a single Dakini who could see him (hey, I have 2 effective wounds, what’s the worst that could happen?). The Deva succeeded her Change Facing ARO (as I was within her ZoC), and the Dakini missed.

2016-02-02 Turn 1 AD

Next order, I moved the Gao Tarsos marginally to get a better line for catching the Devabot in the blast, and let rip with both barrels, just as the Dakini lets off another round. The Deva steeled herself to take the incoming hits, and went for the guaranteed hit of her Nanopulsar in response. When the dust settled, the Gao Tarsos had taken a wound from the Dakini’s Combirifle, and the Devabot was standing idle, waiting for its next command from a controller that would never send an instruction again. The Boarding Shotgun blast had fallen a hair short of the Devabot, and the Gao Tarsos had passed the BTS roll from the Nanopulsar on a natural 20.

Having only spent 1 order from my pool for this devastation, I eye’d up the now unsupported Asura on my right flank. Counting orders, the SymbioBeasts could make it… their trip across the board was mostly smooth sailing, pausing only to grab the objective nearest to me, when the Camo’d Naga Assault Hacker leapt to life within the shadows of a building I passed and was able to disable one of my SymbioBeasts. Scurrying on quickly, leaving the afflicted beast behind, I approached the Asura. With a sudden decisive leap and dash, I got the Kerail and the Surda both into close combat. Weighing up the options, Paul decided his best bet was an opposed roll against the SymbioBeast, hoping to roll high enough to block the Viral CCW, and trusting that the Asura’s armour could shrug off the relatively inconsequential hit from the Kerail’s pistol in CC. Catastrophic failure (for the Asura)! she missed her CC roll, and failed both Viral saves from the Surda, heading directly to dead. This concluded my first turn.

2016-02-02 Turn 1 End

Hoping to salvage the situation and weather the storm, Paul converts one of his Irregular Orders to a Regular Order and spends two orders total on one Dakini to grab the objective closest to him, and the last order on the other Dakini to shoot the Gao Tarsos in the back, finishing him off.

My second turn, I push the advantage – and the Makaul roasts the Dakini that grabbed the objective, saving against the return Combirifle shot. He then dives into the building on his right, housing the central objective and claims it as his own. Meanwhile, the Igao stirs… He creeps around the corner of the building where the Naga was cowering and leaps into action with his trusty Naginata. He inflicts a grievous wound on the unlucky hacker, but it is not enough to kill him outright, though by the looks of the mess, the troop won’t last beyond the end of the turn, having invoked Dogged.

2016-02-02 Turn 2 Igao

I finally jump my Kerail and Surda onto the roof of a building and gun down the final Dakini. Victory to Tohaa!

Lessons Learnt:
Moving my SymbioBeasts in range of the Naga was a careless mistake – even though he was a camo token, I knew he was there, and given my knowledge of Aleph, I would have easily deduced what it was concealing given that a Hacker was required to field the Dakinis.

To sum up this game, I will leave this image from the Facebook Group, Unfunnity – a group dedicated to funny images and memes derived from Infinity the Game.


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