Club Night – More ‘Jacks!

Date: 21/6/16

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Rich (Cygnar)
Size: 75pts
Mission: The Pit
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Kieran (Cryx)
Size: 0pts
Mission: Battlebox
Outcome: Defeat


Game 1:


My List:

Karchev the Terrible – WJ: +30
–    War Dog – PC: 3
–    Berserker – PC: 0
–    Berserker – PC: 0
–    Berserker – PC: 0
–    Berserker – PC: 2
–    Berserker – PC: 8
–    Juggernaut – PC: 12
–    Grolar – PC: 18
–    Marauder – PC: 10
–    Beast 09 – PC: 21

Rich’s List:

General Adept Nemo – WJ: +26
–    Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator – PC: 4
–    Firefly – PC: 0
–    Firefly – PC: 0
–    Hammersmith – PC: 2
–    Centurion – PC: 17

Storm Strider – PC: 18

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 4
–    Charger – PC: 9

Black 13th Strike Force – Lynch, Ryan, & Watts: 10
Field Mechaniks – Crew Chief & 3 Grunts: 3
Stormsmith Storm Tower – Gunner & Grunt: 4
Stormsmith Storm Tower – Gunner & Grunt: 4

Rich won the roll off and chose first turn, I chose the side with the more open terrain to allow me to navigate my ‘Jacks up the table.

Despite rolling this as a bit of a silly list, it resulted in a rather fun game with some back and forth between us.

Due to Rich being careless with an advance and energiser, I was able to get ahead on Dominating the flags whilst feeding my ‘Jacks into the effective blender in the Pit zone. Rich made good use of crit: Disruption, Polarity Shield and Tractor Field keeping me from being too offensive with my wall of metal. Losses on Rich’s side were relatively minimal, but a combined effort between Beast 09 and the Grolar took out the Storm Strider.

The turn in which I would have won by scenario, Rich pondered the table for a moment before working out the correct sequence of events to push my remaining ‘Jacks out of the zone to control, and run the Black 13th to contest Karchev’s flag.

Overall, a great game that I didn’t mind losing 🙂


Result: Defeat on scenario


Game 2:

No pics for this one as I was on the same table and on the same side. Myself and my brother had a Battle Box game between Khador and Cryx.

It was a bit short and not so sweet game. While closing to project threat upon the Cryx ‘Jacks (but still outside my own threat range), I had my Juggernaut Parasited (via a running Arc-Node), then hit and dragged in to the Reaper (with Agathia stood in the right place to inflict her aura in melee range), and taken apart by the Slayer (with focus to spare).

Expecting the inevitable, I had Kozlov feat for the Unyielding bonus, and loaded up the Decimator who shot at the Reaper with the hope of crippling the harpoon arm to no real effect. Decimator then suffered the same (Parasite/Drag/Apply Slayer). Thanks to Unyielding, he survived! But with no cortex, and the left arm was disabled. He had a feeble swing towards the Reaper again (as while Agathia was in range to be hit, I could not reach her DEF with a single D6 to hit), but then it was all over.

Having spent some time mulling over this match up and trying to decide what could be done better that didn’t just result in the same outcome, the best I have come up with is to ignore my ranged threat, and simply run on turn 1 and 2. Accept the fact that I will likely lose 1 ‘Jack to the above trick, but be in a position to charge the remaining ‘Jack and Kozlov into the enemy to effect a devastating counter-attack with hopeful ‘Caster kill. the Cryx trick is very effective, but largely because of Agathia’s aura, which puts her in a vulnerable position. She can Vanish 3″ away and move her ‘Jacks 3″ too by feating, but I think this would still leave her pretty vulnerable.

Result: Defeat

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