Club Night – Lock S-Foils in attack positions!

Date: 9/2/16
Game: X-Wing
Opponents: Simon

Size: 100pts

My Force: Rebels
Simon’s Force: Imperials
Our Lists: Open in Fab’s Squadron Generator

Result: Victory

I was planning to document this game a bit better, but I got too caught up in the game itself and forgot to take photos and make mental notes of key plays 🙁

2016-02-09 Xwing

The short version that I can recall is:

Turn 1: We advanced towards the centre.
Turn 2: Centre is looking rather crowded in one big furball, lots of Target-Locks being put out, but surprisingly few crashes.
Turn 3: Massacre! 3 ships are removed from the table; Vader, Ello Asty & Green Squadron A-Wing – Vader was particularly memorable as he had no Evade tokens, and the B-Wing rolled 2 hits and 3 crits from his torpedo. Vader only succeeded a single Evade roll.
Turn 4: B-Wing manages to take out the Interceptor whilst Deathrain navigates around an asteroid.
Turn 5: B-Wing puts the final nail into Deathrain’s coffin.

MVP certainly belongs to the B-Wing I think, though while he did kill everything, it couldn’t have been done without the T-70 and A-Wing helping with shield stripping.

I think I could probably have written a better list, as there was a little anti-synergy in that Ello Asty counts the T-Rolls as a white maneuver, but the Targetting Astromech wants him to be performing red maneuvers for the free Target-Locks. This was my first game seeing mines/bombs being used and they are something I am going to have to look into a bit more for when I use my Firespray in the future. The TIE Punisher Deathrain was a huge thorn in my side in this game, with his ability to fly up and drop Cluster Mines on top of my ships. Ello Asty felt that pain twice through the game and it left him stinging both times.

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