Club Night – Killer Space Monkeys, Attack!

Date: 26/4/16

Game: Infinity
Opponent: Ian (Onyx Force)
Size: 150pts
Mission: League Round 2
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Ryan (USAriadna)
Size: 200pts
Mission: League Round 3
Outcome: Victory

This week we continued the club league, filling in some missing games for player who still had not played their full entitlement of games. Round 4 is not going to start for another couple of weeks due to the imminent drop of HSN3 and not wanting to change rulesets mid-round.

My Round 3 list can be found here: This Aint a League, It’s an Arms Race!
and my Round 2 list can be found here: Growing Slowly…
Game 1:

2016-04-26 Game 1

With Ian returning from holiday, having only played Round 1 before he went, I played a Round 2 game against his Onyx Force (Civil War of sorts, Morats rebelling against their oppressors…).

Ian won the roll-off and chose deployment, and as I was being told to deploy first, I also took first turn. My models were deployed largely around the shipping crates to the bottom right of the image above, with my reserve being the Autocannon Kurgat prone on top of stacked green crates, where he could see a couple of Ian’s Unidrons. As well as them, Ian had an Umbra Legate hiding in the central terrain feature (Round 2 has no terrain rules, but we were using Low-Vis and Saturation for these wooded areas), a couple of Imetrons and a Batroid.

My first order was to Idle my Kurgat – he was at good range, and the Unidrons were in the open. The shot would be going through a Low-Vis Saturation zone, so splitting burst was the obvious choice as that way I wouldn’t lose any shots. Eye-balling the situation, Ian came to the conclusion that his bots could dodge on a 5 or shoot on a 2. Not liking these odds, he decided to ARO with a Missile Launcher Noctifer who was stood near the Umbra, forcing me to make choices on who to ultimately shoot. Turns out, it was not the Kurgat’s day, and he got splattered by the Missile Launcher and got no hits at all with his Autocannon.

Facing the new threat of the Noctifer, I came up with a reasonable plan for his demise. The Daturazi threw smoke to cover the fence corner that the Noctifer could see, and my Yaogat walked up in cover of smoke to launch one of his Panzerfausts at the offending Shasvastii. Turns out it was not his day either, but rather than being reduced to chunks, he only fell unconscious.

With 1 Regular Order left in my pool, I needed to do something to try and bring the balance back into my favour, or at the very least give me another order for the next turn. Enter, the Rasyat.

Spying a landing zone near to the Umbra in his back arc, he fell from the sky and scattered into the middle of Ian’s deployment! By some miracle, he still landed unseen, and out of the Noctifer, and both Unidrons, only one of the Unidrons made the roll to change facing to look at the daring monkey.

2016-04-26 Game 1 AD Drop

Dancing around the Imetron to use it as a target, the Rasyat put one Boarding Shotgun blast into the Unidron who could see him, and angled the other through the AI Beacon and into the Noctifer. Against all odds, the Imetron was unscathed, but the Noctifer and Unidron fared much worse.

In Ian’s turn, the Umbra manoeuvred behind the Rasyat, and the Spitfire made rather short work of the poor monkey. The Umbra then ran forwards and tried to eliminate my Daturazi, but the sudden appearance of Smoke startled him, sending his shots wide and he retreated to safety.

No longer being covered by the Noctifer, the HMG Vanguard advanced to try and eliminate the last Unidron, but caught hot plasma in the face. Using the LT order, the Rodok jumped to take a pot shot at the central Imetron, reducing Ian’s order pool. I then sent my Daturazi forward to try and remove the remaining Unidron to no avail, but the Chain Rifle did manage to take out the last Imetron.

While I am sure I have missed a turn somewhere, Ian moved the Umbra back towards his board edge and around to shoot the Daturazi in the back (as he was facing the threat of the Unidron and Batroid), and at that point the game was over.

Final scores were 6-3 to Ian, giving him 2 TP for a minor victory.
Game 2:

2016-04-26 Game 2

Still smarting from getting slapped down by the EI’s lap dogs, the Morats then spied a USAriadnan outpost, and went hunting to raise their spirits >:D

Losing the roll-off again, Ryan chose Deployment, and I went with first turn again as I was being made to deploy first.

Bringing out the big guns, the Rodok link went largely behind the fence to my right, with the Missile Launcher going prone on top of the gate. I had a Gaki on the right Flank, and the Preta on my left. Also on the left went my M-Drone, leaving the Yaogat and Kurgat to take up central positions.

Charging forwards, the Preta took a shot from a Grunt sniper and dropped dead. The Gaki had a little more luck in total cover, but when I spent his irregular order to make a break for Ryan’s link team, he took too many wounds to Explode in their midst, and just got obliterated on the approach.

Springing into action, the Rodok Missile Launcher took out the Grunt sniper, and two bikers who were stood too close together. The Kurgat advanced behind the large building in the middle of the table, and dropped a mine to cover the corner. Feeling reasonably safe, the Yaogat spent his Lt order to advance into cover on the roof of the small blue building.

Ryan’s retribution for this assault was swift. The Grunt Fireteam activated and the HMG stood up behind the barricade, unleashing a barrage of shots at the cocky Yaogat commander, incapacitating him. His remaining bike moved up behind the large building, as did his Minuteman and another model of indeterminate type. He then peeked his camo token around the corner to see “Go-Go Marlene” (in reality an inflatable doll, used by Morat High command to catch these stupid humans off guard – always wanting to approach her for one reason or another – in this case to take her photo apparently…) and successfully Forward Observed her twice, before he retreated behind the fence again. First Classified to Ryan!

My turn, the Kurgat crept up, along the building’s left edge, and poked his Boarding Shotgun around the corner to eradicate the forces stood their hoping to ambush my advance. He then stomped the Minuteman to death in a graphic display of “Extreme Prejudice”. Using the rest of my orders, I moved my Rodoks towards the left.

Hoping to catch my Rodoks unaware during their repositioning, Ryan’s Foxtrot(?) climbed onto the roof of the building, but forgetting the Kurgat, quickly found the back of his head disintegrating for his folly. Witnessing this from afar, the Grunt Fireteam repositioned, and eliminated the Kurgat all too late.

Finishing their redeployment manoeuvres, the Rodoks caught sight of an apparent human VIP standing on the sidelines, seemingly rather unconcerned at the bloodshed. Pushing his way to the front, the Rodok Hacker used the advanced scanning and espionage tool set to scan this individual, making a copy of all his classified files. HVT: Espionage achieved! Fearing further retaliatory strikes, the Rodoks bunkered down, giving a good field of fire to the HMG, whilst the Missile Launcher jumped onto the roof, loosing a burst at the Grunt Fireteam in the process, turning their leader into paste.

Undeterred by the unfolding carnage, one of the surviving Grunts also fell for the feminine wiles of “Go-Go Marlene”, and abandoned his post to get a closer look. As he finished running up close, his comm buzzed, and was informed by the Angus that “Go-Go” was an imposter, to quit this foolish attempt to see her, after all – there was a rather large monkey, with an even larger gun, not even 8 paces, and he would really like to be saved, thanks very much! Securing the HVT foiled!

Final scores were 10-2 to me, giving me 3 TP for a major victory.

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