Club Night – Infinity Slow Grow Go!!!

Date: 29/3/16

Game: Infinity
Opponent: Rich (Imperial Service)
Size: 120pts
Mission: League Round 1
Outcome: Victory
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Liam (Haqqislam)
Size: 120pts
Mission: League Round 1
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Kieran (Bakunin)
Size: 120pts
Mission: League Round 1
Outcome: Defeat

The Exeter Inquisition’s Infinity Slow Grow Escalation League has kicked off with a bang! The club will be running this for a while yet, so there will likely be more than a couple of posts on the matter.

The format of the league is designed with new players in mind, which is especially good as the club has a few newer Infinity players that this will help ease into the rules, and as a bonus, there are prizes at the end!

The first round is limited to 120pt lists, no Lt’s, and now Advanced Rules (so no Hacking, no Command Tokens, or Terrain types. I also added no Fireteams to this list). For the purposes of the league, and to encourage games to be played, each round will consist of up to 3 games, with the final scores averaged. Due to amazing attendance for the first week, everyone got at least two games in, with a couple (including myself) managing their entire 3 game entitlement for the first round!

The list I was using (the list cannot change for the duration of the round), consisted of:

 Slow Grow R1

Regular Orders: 5 Impetuous Orders: 3
DĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 14)
DĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 14)
YAOGAT MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 34)
KRAKOT RENEGADE Submachine Gun, Chest Mine / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 15)
SURYAT MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 43)

1.5 SWC | 120 Points

Open in Infinity Army



Game 1:

2016-03-29 Game 1

Rich won the roll-off and opted to go second, staying on his side of the table, thus I took first turn. I immediately placed my Yaogat Sniper on the pillar to my right, with the two Daturazi and Suryat deployed safely under his watchful gaze. Rich deployed huddled up in the bunker to my right, scared of the Yaogat’s field of fire. My reserve model was the Krakot who can just be seen by the third Impetuous token, taking advantage of his Forward Deployment skill. I rolled for MetaChemistry L2 and got MOV 6-4 and Superjump. Rich’s reserve model, joined his others in the bunker.

My first turn I advanced up with the intention of barricading Rich inside his bunker, and had my Krakot Super Jump up onto the wall to my right, where he could unleash both charges of his Chest Mine to eliminate two of Rich’s troops that were hiding behind the wall. Of course he died in return, but he did so in a glorious *BOOM* 😀

In no particular order (because I can’t remember), potshots were traded resulting in the loss of Rich’s two Kuang Shi and controller, leaving my Suryat facing off against his Pheasant(?), both just outside of 16″ and in cover and suppression fire. Rich’s X-Visor edged out this firefight, leaving the match down to my Yaogat vs his Pheasant(?). Through a cunning use of Lean Out (thumbs up to Rich for pointing out this opportunity to me), my Yaogat was able to draw a bead on the enemy’s head and put him out of his misery.

Victory! (6-3 OP win results in 2 TP for me).


Game 2:

2016-03-29 Game 2

This game had me on the same table as before, but on the other side. My old sniper perch was now occupied by a Lasiq Viral Sniper, so I put my Yaogat behind a wall on the bunker roof to my right. This resulted in an extreme range sniper battle where once again, the enemy X-Visor just edged out the lead in the back and forth. This was a very poor game for me as I was only able to kill a single 5pt Muttawiah. The game ended with my Suryat in supressive fire, unwilling to advance any further, and an Asawira sneaking up behind him with a shotgun…

Defeat! (10-0 OP loss results in 0 TP for me).


Game 3:

2016-03-29 Game 3

Final game of the night had me on a new table, with lots of verticality. My opponent had first turn and was able to advance up to put me in a threatened position (though I did snipe one of his Morlocks in reaction), supporting his Sin Eater who deployed as his reserve in a position that could cover my side of the board despite standing in a Low Vis/Saturation zone. Nothing went well in my first turn. The Daturazi impetuously throwing smoke for my Yaogat to use to remove his Sin Eater got shot… As did the second… As did the Yaogat when he tried to do it himself. My Krakot did a good job running forward in total cover from the Sin Eater, and put his SMG to good use in removing some more Moderators. My suryat was then able to take care of the other Morlock and critted the Moira who was trying to get a better firing line from the top of the plateau just over the centre line. It came down to my single order on the final turn – could my Suryat take the Sin Eater in a face to face without cover? The answer is no. He couldn’t.

Defeat! (6-3 OP loss results in 0 TP for me).


This leaves me in 7th (out of 8) in our League table, but it’s OK. It’s only round 1 and it’s all still to play for! Bring on Round 2!

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