Club Night – Infinity Double-Trouble!

Date: 19/1/16
Game: Infinity
Opponents: Paul and Rich

Size: 150pts
Mission: Homebrew introductory mission

My Force: Tohaa
My ListOpen in Army 5

Paul’s Force: Nomads
His List: Can’t recall, but 200pts instead of 150 due to mis-hearing when starting the game.

Final Score: 3 – 0
Result: Defeat

Rich’s Force: Yu Jing
His ListOpen in Army 5

Final Score: 2 – 1
Result: Victory

This was the table we played on. Against Paul, he won the roll-off choosing Initiative and to go second, I chose to deploy on the red side. Against Rich, I won the roll-off and fancying a change, chose deployment, making him deploy first on the red side. Rich chose to take first turn.


The Mission: Designed to help introduce our newer Infinity players to Infinity and the concept of the missions, it has three objectives that can be claimed by any troop with a normal unmodified WIP roll. They are placed with one in the centre of the table, and then the other two oriented diagonally, 16″ from the edge of the table and 8″ from the centre line. They are being represented by Burnt markers in the above image. This mission lasts 3 turns.

Versus Paul (in brief):
Turn 1: I advanced the link of Ectros, Makaul and Kosuil under cover of Eclipse Smoke (we know the name of this is going to change in HSN3 so I might as well start using the term now), getting the objective closer to my DZ. I then advanced them further up the table, allowing me to cover the central objective with the Makaul’s fearsome engage range, and the Ectros’s symbio-bomb. Paul then advanced an Alguacil and claimed the objective nearest to him. He then moved and revealed the Spektr minelayer (?) under a camo token in the centre of the table. Other actions involved
moving up another camo token, and having another Alguacil attempting to Forward Observe the Kosuil (unsuccessfully)

Turn 2: Activating the link, the Makaul moves enough to trigger the two mines covering the centre of the table and successfully dodges them. The link then moves up and claims the centre objective and uses the Ectros’s symbio-bomb on the Spektr hiding behind the tower. Unfortunatley the reset or BTS save succeeds. I then move up the Kosuil the use his symbio-bomb successfully and remove this model. On Pauls turn, he reveals a TO sniper hiding on the top of the central tower who takes a couple of shots at my Chaksa, splatting him rather convincingly. The remaining unrevealed camo token advances up and takes a shot at the Makaul who doesn’t dodge well enough, falling unconscious. He then walks on a Tomcat from the board edge to my right, and advances towards my closest objective, deactivating the mine left by the Kosuil during deployment on the way. He does not quite get in base to base with the objective, but he does get to shoot the Kosuil in the back. Another Tomcat walks on from the other flank, but due to miscounting orders, Paul cannot activate it (his intention was to try and glue the Ectros).

Turn 3: My Ectros moves to take on the Makauls killer (I cannot remember what the unit was) to no resulting effect (nanopulsar saved, and symbio-mate sacrificed against the light flamethrower), and the new Tomcat misses a long range ADHL shot. Activating the Ectross again to get closer to the first Tomcat, he takes a crit from the ADHL and saves the light flamethrower from the camo trooper. I then advance one of my Kaeltar hiding at the back of the table to try and take out the first Tomcat, but fail the face to face, and the Guts roll, forcing me into total cover, preventing me from watching the objective. Paul then uses the Tomcat to claim the objective nearer to me, and the camo trooper to claim the central objective, leaving him on control of all 3 at the game’s conclusion.

Lessons Learnt:
Try not to play 50pts less than your opponent! 😛 I also need to remember that the Ectros could have voluntarily removed his Symbiont Armour to cancel the immobilised-2 state from the glue as an ARO and had a chance at stopping the capture of the middle objective.


Versus Rich (in brief):
Turn 1: Rich manages to kill my Makaul and Chaksa with his HMG Zuyong, and claims an objective with a Shaolin Monk. The other monk is killed during his impetuous order by my Chaksa. He advances his Guilang, but gets crit by the Ectros’s Viral Combi. I then advance my Ectross and manage to put down the Zuyong with the help of some crits (noticing a pattern?). I end my turn with the Ectross and Kosuil in Suppressive Fire.

Turn 2: Rich moves up, and under cover of smoke manages to successfully use the Automedkit to revive his Zuyong. I am sure other stuff happened but I can’t recall. I use the Ectros to put down the Zuyong again… (more crits!) and advance towards the central objective but end up retreating in the face of the Shaolin dodging towards me, and lack of orders. The Shaolin manages to successfully engage, but falls unconscious in the process (struggling to recall the specifics of how this happened – probably involved the Ectros’s symbio-bomb as the engage doesnt count as a reset, only a dodge, thus this would have been all normal rolls).

Turn 3: Rich lands a tiger soldier behind the tower who claims the objective and resurrects the Zuyong… again! On my final turn, I take full advantage of my Symbiont Armour as ablative wounds, and have the Kosuil claim the objective nearest to me, before advancing up and manages to use his symbio-bomb to pop the tiger solder as he takes a wound from the Zuyong. I then advanced the Ectross around the corner to take the objective whilst under fire from the Zuyong, giving me two objectives to Rich’s one at game end.

Lessons Learnt:
Kill your enemy dead dead? Especially if they have AutoMedikits! Going second, the placement of the Makaul is crucial – he wants to be able to see enough to be able to react with Eclipse smoke and protect your force, but on the other hand dice can happen and he dies, or gets exposed to too many shots. While this game ended in victory for me, losing the Makaul also lost me the link team, and I would have appreciated the extra mobility.

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