Club Night – Heavy losses, retreat towards the enemy!

Date: 7/6/16

Game: Infinity
Opponent: Ian (Onyx Force)
Size: 250pts
Mission: League Round 4
Outcome: Defeat

Just one game this week, but it was a gruelling one!

Continuing the club League, this was my final tracked Round 4 game, and Ian’s first. You can find my Round 4 list in this post: Here.

I won the roll-off and chose 1st turn. Ian chose for me to deploy first on the side nearest the camera in the below image (photo taken halfway through the game as I forgot at the start).


I deployed Kornak and my Fireteam to the left, spacing out my Fireteam members so that an uncloaking Missile Launcher couldn’t catch the lot of them in one go. I then had my Daturazi’s somewhat centrally and my Zerat up at the halfway line on my right.

Ian deployed his Fireteam of Unidrons + Nexus Operative at the barricades on the hills to my left side, doctor worm and FO bot towards my right. He also had an Ikadron on each extreme flank.

My hold back was my Sogarat who went on my right, where he would be able to advance up to the hard cover near the middle of the table. Ian’s hold back was his Umbra Samaritan who was placed centrally prone behind a barricade

I’m putting aside a lot of the back and forth, turn by turn on this one as it was pretty much the same every turn; I try to advance and get gunned down by the defensive Fireteam and a Noctifer who was hiding on one of the towers.

Points of interest include the Sogarat being a rock and successfully using his Automedkit to stand up again to resume his overwatch, headshotting the Ikadron sent to flame him with an Assault Pistol crit. A Daturazi taking 2 wounds off the powered up Samaritan, but losing the third consecutive CC order and getting eaten.

By the end of my third turn, I was completely wiped out, and Ian had both his classifieds.

Post-game discussion had us agree that my deployment was not optimal, and by opting to go first (I wanted the alpha strike), I gave up on the obviously superior table side.

Ah well. New Warmachine rules for a couple of weeks, and then bring on Round 5!!

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