Club Night – Growing Slowly…

Date: 5/4/16

Game: Infinity
Opponent: Rich (Imperial Service)
Size: 150pts
Mission: League Round 2
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Cameron (MAF)
Size: 120pts
Mission: League Round 1
Outcome: Victory
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Liam (Haqqislam)
Size: 150pts
Mission: League Round 2
Outcome: Tie

With the league trundling along at a nice pace, we had a mixture of Round 1 and 2 games this week.

The second round is limited to 150pt lists, and no Advanced Rules (so no Hacking, no Command Tokens, or Terrain types. I also added no Fireteams to this list).

The Round 2 list I was using (the list cannot change for the duration of the round) consisted of:

logo_602.png Slow Grow R2

orden_regular.png6  orden_impetuosa.png1
logo_2.pngKURGAT Autocannon, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 28)
logo_5.pngRASYAT (Martial Arts L3) Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 28)
logo_3.pngRODOK Lieutenant Combi Rifle, 2 Light Shotguns / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 26)
logo_4.pngYAOGAT Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 29)
logo_11.pngDĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 14)
logo_1.pngMORAT HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 22)

3 SWC | 147 Points

Open in Infinity Army

To see my Round 1 list, click <HERE>.

Game 1:

2016-04-05 Game 1

My first game was once again against Rich and his ISS. His R2 list included a Su-Jian, using what we know of HSN3 (now that it is in the public eye) to take the new stat-line and Heavy Shotgun profile, and to switch between Mobility and Combat forms as a declaration at the start of his order.

This ended up being a very one-sided game, with my monkeys being unable to withstand the Su-Jian’s assault. It started going wrong when a Panzerfaust from a carefully manoeuvred Su-Jian splatted the Kurgat all over his perch. The Vanguard HMG, and Daturazi were not far behind. Spotting an opening on Rich’s side of the table, I attempted to drop my Rasyat in a great position ready for a Boarding Shotgun lobotomy on Rich’s unsuspecting Lt (revealed by using the Lt order). Except he scattered off the table. There is nothing sadder than a scattering AD troop, especially one with only 4-2 movement.

2016-04-05 Game 1 Rasyat Fail

Where he ended up walking on was in sight of where he wanted to be (the pile of order tokens off in the distance), but it was going to be a very long walk! The game came down to the Su-Jian losing a wound to the Rodok’s shotgun in ARO, and then a second wound to the Rasyat’s Boarding Shotgun, but both Morats were lost in the process.

Defeat! (10-0 OP loss results in 3 TP for Rich).

Game 2:

2016-04-05 Game 2

Cameron was joining the League a week later than everyone else, so he was playing catch up with Round 1. This was effectively my fourth R1 game, and thus had no contribution to my score as I am only recording the first 3 valid scores for each player. That said, I really wish I could have recorded it for myself! This was a brutal Morat on Morat (un)civil war!

Cameron had 4 basic Daturazi, a Combi/Panzer Yaogat and a Rasyat. I was fortunately able to place my Yaogat in a commanding position that just ate up the approaching Daturazi swarm. I lost my Krakot to the Yaogat, but it took a couple of hits as his MetaChemistry L2 supplied V:Dogged and Total Immunity meant that he didn’t care too much about the Panzerfausts. Final kill went to the Suryat in suppression fire, waiting for the final hapless Daturazi to come round the corner…

Victory (8-1 OP win results in 3 TP for me).

Game 3:

2016-04-05 Game 3

Having set up this snowy table at the beginning of the night, I was very eager to give it a go as the aesthetics of it were just stunning, and I had observed a couple of games on it already. Each of the areas with trees across the middle were considered infinitely high Low-Vis Saturation zones. For reference, a single “layer” of the snow drifts are short enough for a regular S2 trooper to see over the top of.

Playing my brother, Liam, again, I knew this was going to be a tough and close fought battle. His list included 2 Djanbazan (one HMG and one Sniper), Yasbir, and a selection of line infantry.

Taking the first turn, Liam set the tone of the battle by having Yasbir throw smoke on his two Djanbazan and then had them fire through the smoke at my Yaogat. While he fought valiantly, he could not hold up under this abuse, especially once he had run out of Panzer shots. First blood went to Liam.

On my turn, I was able to walk on my Rasyat from the board edge to my right, just outside of his deployment zone. Using his Eclipse smoke, he was able to advance out of LoF from the Djanbazan Sniper and butcher a line Infantry. Liam’s following turn was mainly concerned with trying to reposition to counter this new threat, but it was not enough. The Rasyat advanced again under smoke to take out another line Infantry and put him into Loss of Lieutenant. This turn of events meant that his final turn was positioning again, and setting up Suppression Fire on the troops already facing the wrong way.

With the focus on the battle in his deployment zone, Liam’s awareness of the overall field had slipped and I was able to activate and move my prone Kurgat to shoot in the Djanbazan Sniper’s back – good range, no cover (as we were the same elevation), though there was a pesky Low-Vis Saturation zone to deal with, so only shooting at Burst 1. The first shot missed, but having fired a ranging shot, the Kurgat was able to land the second almost perfectly. No more Sniper! Had the first shot not missed, I would have been tempted to try for a shot on the second Djanbazan, but it was not to be. The Sniper’s demise was the last order of the game, and the count for points killed and surviving was a tense one… How had the scores fared?

Tie! Due to changes to the ITS scoring, we scored the same OP (4-4), and while I won by a single VP (82-81) these aren’t considered for the TP (though still contribute to sorting on the rankings table), and we both ended up with 1 TP for our efforts.

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