First Club Night in 2016!

Date: 5/1/16
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Liam

Size: 200pts
Mission: Highly Classified (HVT: Espionage, HVT: Retroengineering, HVT: Inoculation, Extreme Prejudice)

My Force: Military Orders
My Classified: Sabotage
My List: Open in Army 5

His Force: Qapu Khalqi
His Classified: Telemetry
His List: Open in Army 5

Final Score: 7 – 0
Result: Victory

After Action Report in Brief:
Liam won the roll off and chose Deployment, I chose to go first as I was being made to deploy first. I placed my HVT on the far left, just shy of the centre line. I then deployed the rest of my forces on the right side of the table, taking advantage of the cover there amongst the rocky outcroppings. My hold-back was the Father Knight.

Liam took a more central deployment, giving his linked Missile Launcher a line of sight to my linked Spitfire, and the corner that my Magister Knight would run around. His holdback was a camo token that turned out to be an Al Hawwa with Shotgun.

My first turn had my Extremely Impetuous Magister Knight run up and past the Spitfire Order Sgt, failing his dodge and catching the missile with his face, knocking him unconscious. The Orde Sgt also failed his armour roll and fell unconscious. A couple of long range Combirifle ARO crits made sure that the Knight was never getting up again (even though I didn’t have a doctor). The rest of my first turn had my linked MULTI Sniper Order Sgt reposition and take out his Djanbazan Sniper, linked Missile Launcher and 2 Fireteam team members – one of which was the Fireteam Leader.

Liam’s first turn had his Yuan Yuan land out of sight of the Fireteam, before moving round the corner and catching all of them in the Chain Rifle template. The MULTI Sniper and one of the Combirifle Order Sgts died, but the other two survived. He then moved his Odalisque up to cover the mid-table, and advanced his camo’d Al Hawwa to try and take out the remaining two Order Sgts. Unfortunatley this left him without cover as he positioned to get both under the Shotgun blast, rolling two 3’s for his BS attack and died to a reaction shot from one, while the second crit’ed his dodge roll.

My turn 2 mainly involved a trio of coordinated orders to move up the remaining Order Sgts, Knight and Bulleteer, to enable the Knight to complete my Sabotage Classified Objective. This involved the Knight shrugging off multiple hits as he camly placed and detonated the D-Charge on my selected scenery element, with the Bulleteer not being so lucky vs a Nanopulsar shot.

Liam’s turn 2 had all his remaining order sunk into the Odalisque to try and shift the Knight, managing to inflict one wound but not accomplish anything else.

My turn 3 had my last coordinated order attempt to wipe out the Odalisque, but result in losing both Order Sgts to another Nanopulsar, and the Knight dieing whilst attempting to position for an Assault order. I was finally able to move up a Fusilier who finally put the nail in the Odalisque’s coffin with my final order.

At this point Liam conceeded as he did not have the orders to be able to achieve enough objectives to swing the game in his favour as it was the last turn of the game.

Notable lessons learnt / Mistakes made:
In my second turn, in the third coordinated order, I should have included the Order Sgts and shot at the Odalisque instead of just using it as a diversion to run up my Father Knight 4″ closer. I would have had a better shot of dealing with the Odalisque sooner than I did, and would still have had the orders to be able to complete my Classified Objective that turn. Also, don’t place your Extremely Impetuous troop so that he will run past your link team in Impact Template range…

My view of the table:

2016-01-05 vs Liam - My View

My opponent’s view of the table:

2016-01-05 vs Liam - Liam's View

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