Club Night – A Tale of Two Brothers

Date: 22/3/16

Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Kieran
Size: 35pts
Mission: Outflank
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Kieran
Size: 25pts
Mission: Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw

Two games against my brother this week, who got his Cryx on the table again for the first time in a long time! I would like to say that they are a welcome sight… 😛

Game 1:

My list:
House Vyre Electromancers
Dawnguard Sentinels (Min) & UA
Mage Hunter Strike Force (Min) & Eiryss 3
His list:
Asphyxious 1
Bane Lord Tartarus
General Gerlak Slaughterborn
Bane Thralls (Max) & UA
Bloodgorgers (Max)
The Withershadow Combine

2016-03-22 Game 1 start

Kieran got 1st turn and I chose sides. We both deployed fairly centrally, with my Electormancers going opposite his Bloodgorgers, and my MHSF opposite his Banes. I think in hindsight, I should have had this the other way around… The Bloodgorgers made short work of the Electromancers over the course of 2 turns (though I did manage to reduce the unit to 50% with electroleaps from 2 of them). The MHSF had less luck with the Banes. Despite it being feat turn, Kieran made an inordinate number of tough rolls and I only ended up killing 2 banes and taking 5 boxes off Tartarus. Reforming away can only do so much, so I ended up running my Sentinels to act as a barrier of freestriking pain. Sad times! I also had Phoenix attempt to clear some of the Bloodgorgers as that flank was looking decidedly thin.

The following turn Kieran was able to Parasite the Phoenix and the Withershadow Combine scrapped him, turning him into a Seether, and the Banes killed all bar one of the Sentinels (but not before Tartarus had managed to get an opportune Thresher and convert 3 Sentinels into MOAR BANEZ!). At the end of his turn, Kieran was able to start the Scenario clock off by controlling one zone.

Looking at my lack of board presence I could see only one assassination opportunity, and felt that I had to take it. Asphyxious was on zero camp and in range of the Banshee. The Arcanist gave it a focus, and it sacrificed movement to aim. I used the Jack Marshal to boost the Attack roll, and hit! However this is where it went wrong – I rolled max distance on the slam which pushed him out of Ancilliary Attack range, and was unfortunatley a fraction of an inch away from an obstruction that would have given the additional d6 for collateral damage. Boosted damage using the focus and hoping for fire dice…. and dealt 7 damage. At this point I conceeded as next turn I might have been able to keep Issyria and the Arcanist alive, but everything else would have died, and likely the Banshee would have been turned into another Seether too.

2016-03-22 Game 1 end
Game 2:

My list:
Thyron (Proxied by Butcher 1)
His List:
Thagrosh 1
Nephilim Soldier

2016-03-22 Game 2 start

I ended up with 1st turn and we opted to stay on the same sides. Again, central deployments for both of us. Thyron cast Stormrager on himself turn 1 and upkept it the rest of the game. I also had both of my ‘Jacks run turn 1. Kieran did much the same, but dropped Tenacity on everything (though we forgot to take this into account for the following turn).

Turn 2, I put Assail up on Imperatus and gave him a Focus, and gave a Focus to Hyperion (obviously not in that order though). Hyperion blasted away most of Typhon with his guns, and Imperatus charged in to finish the job, sidestepping to engage the Scythean, and forgetting his Cleave attack… Kieran Feated Typhon back and managed to use the Scythean to scalpal out Imperatus’s Cortex! The Soldier also charged Imperatus and did not much.

I then allocated 2 to Hyperion and cast Assail on him. Imperatus took his initials on the Scythean and sidestepped out of the way to let Hyperion charge the Soldier, obliterating him and putting some damage on the Scythean too. Kieran then had the Shredders go Rabid and charge Hyperion as well as Typhon. Hyperion did not like this at all!

I think I lost a turn here somewhere but the Hyperion dies, and Thag finishes off Imperatus himself after the Scythean was killed.

I then was able to have Thyron feat, charge a Shredder and one-shot it. Sidestep off the Shredder and into melee with Thagrosh. Again I forgot my Cleave attack (a running theme this game as I forgot it *every* time I killed one of his beasts), but was able to roll fire on my dice to eat through all his transfers, killing off the remainder of his beasts this way before sealing Thagrosh’s fate with 2 focus to spare (I think Thag still had a couple of transfers left, but nothing to transfer to).

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