Club Night – 2 for the price of 1!

Date: 31/5/16

Game: Warmachine (Mk2.5)
Opponent: Rich (Cygnar)
Size: Battlebox
Mission: Assassination
Outcome: Defeat
Game: Infinity
Opponent: Paul H (Caledonia)
Size: 250pts
Mission: League Round 4
Outcome: Victory
Game: Warmachine
Opponent: Kieran (Cryx)
Size: 25pts
Mission: Assassination
Outcome: Victory

Game 1:

This week, given the spoilers from NQ #66 on the cards for the new battle boxes, myself and Rich tried a game of Warmachine 2.5. We used all the rules and changes that we knew about, as well as the cards and casters from NQ #66. I played Lord Koslov of Khador, and he played Beth Maddox of Cygnar.

This was an interesting game, but ultimately I got too caught up with working out my own threat ranges and trying to put myself in an advantageous position that I overlooked Assail on Maddox, giving her a threat range extender.

After we spent the first turn advancing towards each other, Maddox was able to shoot the Decimator and scored a lucky crit, Disrupting him. In my following turn I wasn’t able to utilise him to full effect with the shooting (wanted to boost damage!) and left him where I thought he was safe. The Juggernaut simply advanced, leaving him in a threatening position for next turn.

Rich used Assail to catch the Decimator unawares, and smacked him with a shock shield enough times to wipe out the cortex. Ouch. He then had Maddox shoot the Juggernaut, and what do you know – lightning can strike twice… crit Disrupted.

My turn again and I put had my Decimator make his initial melee on the Cygnaran light ‘Jack, thanks to Fury (upkept from previous turns) he was able to do some damage, though the roll was poor. I then cycled Fury to the Juggernaut and Feat’ed to walk over and act as a roadblock / freestrike generator should anyone try to get past the smack Koslov.

Rather than go for my ‘Caster, Rich ambled his light over to the Juggernaut and surgically removed his Cortex too. Now sending in his other ‘Jacks, he scrapped the Decimator (but only just! thanks +2 ARM from Unyielding!).

My turn had the Fury’d Juggernaut flail around with his Axe and Open fist, doing a rather significant amount of damage, but was unable to prevent his own demise the following turn.

This heralded the end of the game as Koslov might have been able to take one ‘Jack down with him, but would succumb to the next without any fight due to the changes to Overboosting.
Result: Defeat
Game 2:

Morats vs Angry Caledonians in Round 4 of the League. My list can be found *HERE* in last week’s Club Night post.

Winning the roll-off I chose to go first, and deployed my Vanguard link in the bottom right area, the two Daturazi’s with one on each side of the right-most white building, Zerat on the roof of the central building and Kornak at the edge of the central white building in my DZ.

Paul deployed a Haris of Wulvers to my far left, a Moarmer in the white building to my left in his DZ, with a link of Volunteers(?) in between and behind the white buildings in his DZ.

My hold-back was the fearsome Sogarat (placed on the central roof in my DZ), and his was a camo token (placed on the roof in his DZ, peeking out around the grey structure also on the roof, in LoF of the Sogarat).

My first turn, after Impetuous orders, I had the Sogarat Discover+Shoot at the camo token, who revealed to be a Scots Guard with Missile Launcher – we both missed. Trying to be smart, I spent a Command Token to co-ordinate the Sogarat, Zerat and Kornak (stupidly I made the Sogarat the spearhead, if I had picked either of the others, I would have had an additional burst overall). To get LoF, the Zerat accidentally revealed herself to the Wulver fireteam, who gunned her down. Kornak missed, and the Sogarat lost the face to face with the Scots Guard and took a wound. Clearly a different plan was called for.

I sent my Vanguard fireteam up the right flank, towards his HVT (the yellow base under the walkway in the photo), and peeked the Missile Launcher around the corner to shoot at the Scots Guard – Splat! He then peeked a little further to see a Fireteam member stood in the open. He tried to shoot back, but lost the Face to Face (but only fell unconscious). Unfortunatley for Paul, the blast also caught the Moarmer in the building through the window, whose dodge at PH-3 was beaten by my shooting rolls, and then failed the ARM saves to proceed directly to dead (do not pass go, do not collect $200…). In an attempt to cover my fireteam, I used the last of my orders to position the Vanguard HMG by the greybox just beyond the HVT to cover that corridor.

Paul starts his turn in Loss of Lt (the Moarmer). Converting 2 Irregular Orders to Regular, he advances a member of the Fireteam to see the missile launching Vanguard, and manages to knock him unconscious and breaks my fireteam, before retreating back around the corner.

Impetuous orders push my Daturazi’s further forwards, before I pull my HMG back to reform the Vanguard link and advance again. Going around the back of the grey box he was previously stationed at, he caught sight of another member of the opposing Fireteam, getting shot for his troubles and falling unconscious. Reforming the Vanguard Fireteam *again*, I repeated the maneauver with my Plasma Rifle wielding Spec-Ops. Who also got shot unconscious. But not before the Plasma blast caught another member of the enemy fireteam further back, toasting him (yay for the nature of templates and face to face rolls!).

Lastly, I reformed the link for the final time (just Anyat and my hacker now), and sent them over towards the the white building in the centre of Pauls DZ and had the Hacker successfully Datascan the Volunteer hiding around the corner there (yay classified). In the course of this maneauver I had left Anyat in cover further back and out of Fireteam range. With my last order, and not wanting to risk a face to face with hacking Spotlight on the previously Datascan’ed troop, I stepped the hacker into the open. He failed the hack (rolled a 16 :(), and got shot unconscious.

Paul was in Loss of Lt *again* (remember Toasty McPlasma burn victim?). Paul nominated a new Lt and then moved on…

My final turn had my Daturazi’s run further forward again, and I stuck Anyat on supression fire. With my hacker dead, she was now in prime position to Secure the HVT. I then had one Dat throw smoke and advance near to the central white building in Paul’s DZ, before running around into base to base with the Fireteam member stood there (the one who previously perforated my ML Vanguard). After the two Fireteam members who could draw LoF declared shoot (one with a Boarding Shotgun, and the other a T2 Shotgun I believe), my murder monkey placed a Chain Rifle blast to cover the both of them, tanking the shotgun fire with his bare chest and passing all the ARM saves. Neither of the opposing models were so lucky.

Paul’s final turn… Loss of Lt for the third turn running! (Mr T2 Shotgun). *Achievement Unlocked*

Using his Irregular orders, he tried to paramedic the unconcious Fireteam chappie, still in base to base with the Daturazi, but sue to shooting into combat rules, he missed, hitting the Daturazi who just stood there looking confused.

At this point, we decided it was Game, Set and Match, as Paul could not feasibly spend any of his remaining orders in such a way that would change the outcome of the game.
Result: Victory, 8-1 to me (netting me 3TP for the League)
Game 3:

As time was getting on in the evening, me and my brother Kieran decided on a quick 25 point Warmachine game. No scenario, just assassination.

I took:

Vlad 3
Min Uhlans
Min Outriders

Kieran took:

Goreshade 1
Min Blood Gorgers
Banes with UA



Winning the roll-off, I took first turn and after a small mistake with Vlad having the shuffle sideways a little to get the Eliminators within Dash range, everyone ran forwards putting the line of battle just over the halfway line.

Kieran advanced, and got ready to receive the charge, casting the spell preventing magic and feats in his control area.

Fortunatley, Vlad was not that close and advanced to just outside, cast Hand of Fate on the Uhlans, and Feated. Fenris charged the Bloodgorgers, who made their tough rolls – preventing any Berserk fun, but he still sidestepped closer to Goreshade. The Uhlans charged one at Goreshade, one at the Seether, one at Tartarus (over the wall). Tartarus was made history, the Seether lost an arm, and goreshade lost 10 boxes. The Uhlan who took out Tartarus then sprinted away into Kieran’s back field. The Eliminators did what Fenris couldn’t, and removed 3 Bloodgorgers, while the Outriders repositioned outside of Goreshades feat range, and sprayed the Banes liberally, reducing their numbers drastically before Light Cav movement took them away again.

Kieran’s second turn had the Seether dismount Fenris, the Bloodgorgers eliminate the Eliminators, the Banes tickle Drago (who had charged one in the previous turn), and Goreshade himself killed the Uhlan who had poked him, and also Fenris who was a little close for comfort.

Sensing victory, Vlad cast Dash, advancing within range of a fully boosted Razorwind at the Deathless, before the rearmost Uhlan charged Goreshade in the back, running him through for good.
Result: Victory
As potentially my final game of Warmachine in Mk2, I was rather pleased with this game 😀 (and winning always helps!)

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  1. Well, if you’re going to put your opponent in Loss of Lieutenant for ALL THREE TURNS of a game, you’ll get a pretty quick game and be able to fit an extra one in, won’t you? 😉

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