This is a new series of articles that I will be using to give my thoughts on the lists I write, as well as the evolution of a list as changes get made. Where possible, I will be referencing my Battle-Logs back to these Looking at Lists articles to expand the view of my hobby as a whole. I have a bunch of list ideas that I want to cover with this, so stay posted.

01This is a review of the items that were available in the Gencon Bundle. I say “were” because this bundle is no longer available, and was only available at Gencon or direct from the Corvus Belli website. Operation: Ice Storm will be available separately from your usual retailers at the end of the month, Bootleg Penthesilea will be getting a general release at sometime in the future (currently unknown), and the special Bolt character – Tabitha Lyons – was a limited run that was only available at Gencon (or on the CB webstore), and seems like it will be making a couple of small reappearances at smaller events.

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