BonesCon ’19

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I am writing this, given that BonesCon is now no more, though I am glad that I was there at the end.

BonesCon ’19 marks my fifth year of Smog/BonesCon and I am glad that I managed to go as often as I did. More thoughts after the break…

To say that the event went out with a whimper rather than a bang would be apt, given the grand scale of the event in past years, but that is life. Huge shout out to Jon and the gang for running this great event for all of the years that they have.

I got to see some new faces, greet some old ones, and of course got a good number of games in for both Judgement and Warmachine. My win rate was not the greatest overall, but I play for fun rather than victory! (If you want to see what I have played, checkout my Game Tracker)

My favourite game of the event was against Jeff’s Cygnar – Wanderer vs Striker 1. I managed to close the game out on the top of 7 on scenario after we had both survived repeated assassination and counter assassination attempts – Stryker was on 1HP, and Wanderer on 2HP since turn 3 or 4, I think? The most nail biting tense moment was Stryker rolling for Corrosion with 1HP and zero camp on turn 5 (of course, it went out on a roll of a 2). Curiously, I had only 4 models left on the table at the end, whereas Jeff had most of his force (including Stormwall!) but I had successfully stymied and drawn them out of position just enough 🙂

I apologise for the lack of pictures – I didn’t think to take many, only a couple of some noteworthy conversions that caught my eye (both Skarre 3, oddly enough…). Hard to tell in the pics for the 1st two, but the bright green was glowing and flickering 🙂

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