To say that was a bit of a longer hiatus than expected would be an understatement.

Stuff has happened (I got married, and a work promotion for starters), life moves on, and of course, I am still gaming. The games I am playing are pretty much the same though I have had a minor shift in faction focus (more on this later).

I *will* be resurrecting this blog, and it *will* be getting the foretold re-shuffle of categories, and it *will* be soon (within a couple of weeks).

So. If you are reading this you will have no doubt noticed that I haven’t written or posted anything here in a while.

Admittedly, I haven’t painted anything since the last photo upload, so that explains that. But I have still been gaming, just not doing any write-ups. The reason being that I was finding the write up becoming more and more of a chore to do, let alone finding the time for it.

In the coming weeks (or so… no definite timescale here!), I will be re-jigging the categories to re-purpose the site to do something a little different, and cater to a slightly wider range of my interests.

Until then!