Following on from yesterday’s post, I have constructed a “to do” list for my immediate painting, starting tonight! My goal is to have my Khador back up to “fully painted” status preferably by the start, but failing that the end, of the MoW CID and then plough into Skorne immediately after. I’d be lying if I wasn’t expecting some slippage on all of this, so I am giving myself the slightly more relaxed over all goal of June, for all of the below.

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So. A New Year, and a renewed effort to keep my blog going with regular content updates.

Since my last proper update, I have been majorly slacking with the painting – I only got a very small handful of models painted at the beginning of 2017 (though one of them was the Skorne Hydra, so not a little model in itself), and I hope to rectify that this year.

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To say that was a bit of a longer hiatus than expected would be an understatement.

Stuff has happened (I got married, and a work promotion for starters), life moves on, and of course, I am still gaming. The games I am playing are pretty much the same though I have had a minor shift in faction focus (more on this later).

I *will* be resurrecting this blog, and it *will* be getting the foretold re-shuffle of categories, and it *will* be soon (within a couple of weeks).

So. If you are reading this you will have no doubt noticed that I haven’t written or posted anything here in a while.

Admittedly, I haven’t painted anything since the last photo upload, so that explains that. But I have still been gaming, just not doing any write-ups. The reason being that I was finding the write up becoming more and more of a chore to do, let alone finding the time for it.

In the coming weeks (or so… no definite timescale here!), I will be re-jigging the categories to re-purpose the site to do something a little different, and cater to a slightly wider range of my interests.

Until then!