2020 Retrospective

2020 was a year. In general terms that might be the most charitable thing that could be said about it…. But lets see what it did for my hobby and gaming 🙂

While the varying restrictions made gaming face to face harder, it (theoretically) gave more time for hobby, although without the prospect of games, the motivation to paint waxed and waned whimsically. However, I can tell you that in the last year, my completed hobby outstripped new purchases/assembled models!

Now, with Covid kicking up, it is very plain to see that posting to this site screeched to a halt (work and other pressures), but then failed to recover when things stabilised a little. While I am not going to go back to do nice individual pages for everything, there is a gallery below of *most* things that I painted – I expect that a lot of these will have made it to Twitter already, but not all of them I think? Also, I seem to be missing some of the ones that I know I have done, so I haven’t actually snapped everything either.

In 2020, I purchased 96 models, and assembled 87 (there is a venn diagram effect here – not all assembled are from ones acquired this year…). But I also painted an impressive 129!! I am very pleased with this, but won’t be pledging to try to top it in 2021… targets aren’t always a great motivation, and I prefer to just see how things go.

Looking at games played, I managed 70 games of varying formats! These break down to 11 demo games (Giving Infinity Code One and Judgement demos, Receiving a WarCry demo, and a bit of both when I played Star Wars Legion against myself…), 16 Warmachine/Hordes games, 4 Judgement games, 2 Infinity games, a smattering of Ticket to Ride (Europe and First Journey) and a massive 33 games of Gloomhaven.

Getting Gloomhaven for Christmas last year from the Wife, and then having Covid help us to stay in and play it was a very nice and serendipitous occurence. Not that we were playing it all the time – small child and the fact that we were both fortunate to have the kind of job security that meant we actually got more busy than less when everyone else was getting furloughed or laid off. But playing in the evenings in lieu of weekly gaming club, and then in lieu of anything decent to watch on TV certainly helped!

We haven’t finished with Gloomhaven yet, and will return once the holiday season returns everything to normality, but so far we have retired 3 characters a-piece, and are rocking prosperity 6 in the town! We are both eagerly awaiting Frosthaven from the Kickstarter, which will ultimately be our deadline for Gloomhaven and the Forgotten Circles expansion…

Warmachine/Hordes went 6 wins, 1 draw and 9 loss, not a great record, but 3 of those losses at least were from a club event that felt a bit like a shark tank at the time. There was definitely one game (against the eventual winner I think?) where I knew I had lost even before list selection 🙁 But on a more positive note, myself and Ant are close to the end of the Oblivion campaign, which has been a huge amount of fun! Once we are done, it is exceedingly likely that we will start again, swapping the Guardian/Corruptor roles, for more fun and shenanigans!

The other games don’t really have enough reps to look at any kind of percentages or patterns, but the data is there if you want to check out the game tracker.

Other things occupying my attention this year was the new generation of Xbox (both in the run up – making sure to finish some games to make room; Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima on the Playstation were both exceptional), and then actually sinking in to my Series X fully with Assassins Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and now Cyberpunk 2077. Outside of gaming, a lockdown vice has been rediscovering Lego with my daughter after getting a few kits for her (and then buying a few for myself too…). The quiet pleasure of just snapping bricks together to make something cool (and usually Star Wars related) is insanely therapeutic!

Looking ahead; I am hopeful for more face to face gaming, but I am not counting my chickens yet. If it becomes a regular possibility again, I expect it to be towards the end of the year… maybe. In the meantime, boardgames at home, and carefully arranged and executed home games once the weather is nice enough to make the kitchen table virtually outside by opening the bi-fold doors to their fullest extent.

I have already mentioned looking forward to Frosthaven, but sooner than that will be another dungeon crawler – Infinity Defiance! Time will tell if this interests Jodie as much as Gloomhaven, but we will see.

I need to put some more effort back into painting – the main goal being to finish painting my Grymkin, especially with the exciting releases on the horizon for that, as well as keeping on top of O-12. It will be nice to have Defiance painted too, but no promises!

As mentioned above, here is a camera roll of painted minis from 2020 – some of these were painted by Jodie… I have gone through and commented on a few of them for added info and context. Clicking on the photos will open up a larger version that you can use to skip forward/back.

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