2020 Gaming and Hobby Forecast

Looking ahead towards next year, and bearing in mind my findings from last years statistics, I have come up with a few things I want to try and do differently.

Firstly, I want to see if I can address the imbalance of games played (e.g. WMH being played double Infinity and Judgement). That’s not to say that I am going to rigidly restrict myself from playing something if I want to play it, but I enjoy all of these games and want to play them more.

I also want this to be the year of the narrative campaign. I have had lots of fun with a handful of narrative scenarios in the latter part of this year and I want to continue this, be it the WMH Oblivion Campaign, or the Infinity Daedalus Falls Campaign (or maybe even a third shot at Paradiso??), as well as, Infinity Defiance, of course. I can see Defiance probably hurting the overall number of games played, as where I might have got 2 games in 1 evening at club night, that could easily be replaced by only a single Defiance mission.

As much as I have been having fun with my Grymkin (and still have plenty I want to try with their new releases), I want to give some time to my original WMH faction – Khador, so will be limiting my use of Grymkin to Oblivion Campaign games.

Contrary to that, I still feel like I am only scratching the surface in OSS, so will be keeping on with them, but also giving time to Morats. While they have not been getting any new releases, they have had a bunch of loadouts and fireteam tweaks that I really want to play with. If I can get an Infinity campaign going, I think Morats will be my pick for it.

In terms of stat tracking, I intend to track the Theme Forces for WMH games, the same way that I had been tracking Sectorials for Infinity. I am not sure why I didn’t as they are something of a very similar concept.

As mentioned in my retrospective, hobby progress was abysmal last year, and I want to try to rectify that this year. I am not going to make any specific goals or promises, but I am also not going to burn myself out painting a finely detailed Gargantuan at a forced march style pace in the run up to a tournament… đŸ˜‰ My Morats are in a good place to finish as I started batch painting them previously, and with “New Faction” (see below) I would like to try and keep up with painting them as I go. In between painting small fiddly models, I have plenty of larger Judgement models that I can use as a palette cleanser. Last year, I picked up a number of GW’s Contrast Paints to try out… and went nowhere. Given how long they have been bare – I want to at least start painting my Grymkin, and these will be done with not much care and attention – pushing the “magic” of Contrast Paints to their limit!

Whilst I would say that my models purchased/assembled should be lower this year, as I am not in a position to entertain getting into another new game at the deep end, like I did with Judgement, this is countered somewhat already by the pending arrival of Infinity Defiance, which will have a veritable truckload of minis included!

Which also leads me to new faction. I don’t often feel the need to swing in to something new, and sometimes it sticks (Grymkin or Tohaa), and sometimes it doesn’t (Retribution of Scyrah or Pan-Oceania). For next year I have been feeling the pull in two different directions – Infernals for WMH, or O-12 for Infinity. After much thought and consideration, I have chosen O-12. This is in part down to wanting to play more Infinity this year (and it is an exciting year to do so, with Code One in Spring, and then N4 in Autumn), but also really liking the model sculpts. Infernals were very tempting, but the attraction was definitely more rules oriented. PP have been stepping up their game with better models of late, but they still don’t hold a candle to that of something like Infinity. Also, Sci-Fi is my thing!

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