2019 Gaming and Hobby Retrospective

2019 was a reasonably good year for gaming, averaging out at around 1.5 games a week – impressive as I wasn’t always able to get a game in every week, due to holidays / sickness etc.

My overall win rate (discounting demo games as I always play to lose…) was 45%, with the average being dragged down predominantly by Warmachine/Hordes (38%). Judgement was better (46%), and Infinity was best (56%). Technically Aristeia should be top (67%) but considering I only played 3 games of that in total, I think we can safely say that the stat is skewed a bit!

Carrying on with game numbers, I seem to have played more games of Warmachine/Hordes (40) than I have of Judgement (19) and Infinity (18) combined! More details after the break.

Infinity – I mostly favoured the Operations Subsection Sectorial from Aleph, which also netted my best win rate! (outside of Morats, but I think we can apply the skewed result argument here too…). A lot of people like to say that the OSS Sectorial is a strong one, and I am inclined to agree! I would have liked to see myself do better with Spiral Corps, but I think I tend to try and rely on Tohaa tricks rather than a good foundation of solid tactical play.

I played a good spread of scenarios (13 in total), never playing a scenario more than twice. My best results on this were Decapitation with 2 games and 2 wins :). Worst would be Frostbyte (Extreme) with 2 games and 2 losses :(.

Regarding the factions seen across the table (13 in total), I played 3 and won 3 against JSA for my best result, but there isn’t a clear bottom of the table as I appear to have played against a lot of factions only once and lost!

When I lose in Infinity, I generally lose bad! 6 of my 7 losses were all Major Defeats! But on the other hand, 6 of my 10 wins were Major Victories, so I am happy with that 🙂 I think it just illustrates the swingy nature of Infinity scenarios.

Warmachine/Hordes – I very clearly favoured Grymkin this year, which also gave my best win rate! (again!). While this does look like Grymkin = OP, the sample sizes and opponents played factor into this heavily… Apparently I also tend to play Grymkin into a wider audience of players who don’t all just stomp me 😉

Again, I played a seemingly good spread of scenarios at first glance (12), however, a closer look shows that of these, I played Invasion and Recon 2 nine times apiece, with Spread the Net being the next closest at 5. As far as winning goes, Invasion probably takes the pick (ignoring the played once, won once entries) with 6 of those 9 games being won. The other end of the scale probably goes to either of the other mentioned scenarios – Recon 2 only had 2 wins of the 9 played, and Spread the Net was a wash with 0 wins out of 5.

Opposing factions, I had a few – managing to rack up 10 different opposing factions! Most played against and lowest win rate go hand in hand here with Cygnar! 13 played and 2 won… :(. Next closest after that was Skorne, Khador, Crucible Guard and Mercenaries all tied with 4 played. Best win rate is into Khador though, where I managed to win all 4 of those games!

Of my Warmachine/Hordes wins, I clearly favour Assassination, with only 1 win being via Scenario (and other that I got both Scenario and Assassination on the same turn). On the losing side, I most often lose by Scenario, but this is only just ahead of Assassination losses (60/40 split).

Judgement – I had been making an effort to play through all of the Judgement heroes, so there aren’t any noteworthy stats for hero selection as everyone only got used once or twice, but in a sea of 1’s and 2’s, Haksa and Rakkir stand out with having been played 4 times each! Rakkir with a 50% win rate, and Haksa considerably less so with 0% win rate.

Looking at map layouts, Cobblestone 3v3 layout 3 was by far the most popular choice, but only garnered a 50% win rate.

Of all my wins, they went via Soul Collection, as opposed to direct Effigy Damage, however, I did lose twice this way.

This was an abysmal year for my hobby efforts! I have only painted 9 models… 5 Judgement, and 4 Skorne (though in my defense, one of the Skorne models was the Mammoth which nearly killed me!), however I did also scratch build 2 Effigies and 2 Shrines for Judgement, as well as draw out their original 5v5 terrain-less board by hand 🙂

This is countered by an increase of models owned/assembled by around 114… This is a silly amount of models really. Even discounting the 35 or so that came from jumping headfirst into Judgement, that is still a bit on the high side for my liking as I can immediately think of another 15 at least that I haven’t got around to fully assembling or using yet.

Honourable mentions go to the Defiance Kickstarter which was bought but won’t deliver till next year, as well as the Aleph Arjuna box and Aristeia! Reckless Hearts expansion which have been ordered but held up on shipping due to shortages of other items on the order.

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